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Easy to Use

No more wrapping and re-wrapping swaddle blankets. Our unique Woombie design keeps baby comfortable. Simply put baby in, snap and zip!


The Woombie's ergonomic, peanut-shaped design gently hugs your baby recreating the feeling of the womb. It allows baby to move and stretch naturally.


There are several safety concerns associated with loose blankets, including suffocation, hip dysplasia and overheating. Woombie helps to eliminate these risks with a safe, innovative look and feel.


Woombie was Est. in 2007 when a need was recognized for safer swaddling. Since then, Woombie has grown to what it is today while maintaining a family oriented, grassroots business approach. With over 1 million happy babies and parents, Woombie swaddles have been proudly recognized as one of the top baby swaddles in the world! Developmentally designed, the Woombie Hands Over Heart™ sleep position has been recognized as the healthiest way for babies to sleep, allowing skin-on-skin contact, mimicking parental touch and fostering self soothing while maintaining rigid safe sleep and safe swaddle standards. Woombie swaddling promotes important back sleeping and assists with symptoms of colic with it's tapered waist and specialized 4-way stretch Bebeflex™ fabric and also allows additional space for a hip friendly system and approach. Woombie has received over 20 awards received for design and innovation.
Less Origami, more sleep!

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Swaddling has been proven to help babies sleep
better, longer & safer.

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Convertible Swaddles

Convertible Woombie, with or without vent.
Do what’s most comfortable for your baby with either option!

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#WoombieUSA on Instagram

That face you make when it’s Sunday and the @thejessicanickson collection is shipping out! Make sure to tag @woombieusa 💗 We love to see your littles in their Woombie swaddles! 👶🏻🍼😊 ...

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“We use our Ready Beddy when we go camping all the time! I love that it is so easy to clean too. My son drags it everywhere with him! He sticks his stuffed animal in and zips it up. So cute!” -Emily R.

We 💗 hearing positive feedback from our lovely customers! The Ready Beddy is definitely a fan favorite and kids can use it up to 8 years old! Shop all different colors and styles at Woombie.com 💗👶🏻🍼

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Woombie face masks! Our Cotton & Bamboo protective masks are designed with a double layer for comfortability and safety. $8 each and come in two sixes: ages 2-5Y & 6-16Y. Shop now at Woombie.com 👶🏻🍼 ...

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Exercise is important for everyone but did you know that’s it even more important during pregnancy? This months blog post gives you 5 safe ways to stay active while pregnant. Read the full blog post at Woombie.com/blog! 🤍🍼👶🏻 ...

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Spoil your sweet newborn with our first months Woombie swaddle. 💗 Hats are included and there are mini-moo versions as well. 👶🏻🍼 Shop now at Woombie.com! ...

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Monday smiles 💗 Did you know Woombie is on Myregistry.com? You can place all of your favorite Woombie baby products into one universal registry! Create your list and share with friends and family. 💗 ...

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Woombie’s air wrap blankets are made from 100% organic breathable cotton 🤍 Our signature bebeflex™️ fabric is soft, light and stretchy! Shop now at Woombie.com. ...

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Happy Saturday! ☀️ Woombie brand owner Karen Barski hand paints beautiful watercolor paintings inspired by nature, heritage, food and whimsical art. These designs are custom made for Woombie swaddles and custom orders with baby’s birth details. With love from Maui 💗 ...

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The Soothie Sack is one of our best sellers! Keep baby cozy and in comfort with the removable paci feature. 🤍👶🏻🍼 $44 and always free shipping 💗 Woombie.com to shop! ...

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Less origami, more sleep for baby 🤍 The patented easy to use one step baby swaddle that doesn’t unravel like other swaddles do. 👶🏻🍼 ...

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Sweet baby boy! 💙 The “Grow With Me”swaddle comes in multiple designs for both girls and boys. The self-soothing swaddle that every baby needs. 👶🏻 Shop Woombie.com now! ...

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Mama, you’ve got this. ☕️💜 Happy Monday! ...

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Northerners! This one is for you. Woombie’s winter wonder “Ultimate Sleeper” is the sack you sleep in! Stay cozy and warm inside while still being able to move your arms around. Quilted with love, the Ultimate Sleeper is available now in Mossy Green Elephant for babies 9-24mos. Shop now at Woombie.com 💗👶🏻🍼 ...

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Sweet baby boy in his Grow With Me Woombie swaddle 💙👶🏻 The two-way zipper allows for quick and easy diaper changes! ...

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The Bamboo Mod Sleeper offers baby a modern vintage look with soft organic fibers that comfort. 💗 This sleeper is available in 5 colors and fits baby up to 2T.

Shop Woombie.com to purchase 👶🏻🍼

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There are many safety concerns with loose blankets. Our patented design keeps baby comfortable without the risks of suffocation, hip dysplasia and overheating. Shop the swaddle that every mama loves at Woombie.com 💗 ...

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Woombie’s hands over heart sleep position has been recognized as the healthiest way for babies to sleep. 💗 Keep baby feeling safe and secure with the new “Grow With Me Air” that allows the perfect airflow during swaddling. Shop now at Woombie.com. ...

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A dose of cuteness to make your Monday a little bit brighter 💗🥰 Our Cotton Flower Hats are the perfect newborn accessory. Don’t forget! Today is the last day to use code “snuggle15” for 15% off! 👶🏻🍼 🤍 ...

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Happy Valentine’s Day from one mama to another ❤️ ...

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If this isn’t the truth! Being a mom means picking your battles. Don’t sweat the small things today. Happy Saturday Woombie friends! ☀️🌴💗 ...

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