6 Fun Craft Project Ideas to Keep Your Kids Creatively Engaged

Sometimes, it is incredibly challenging to keep kids occupied for long periods. That’s because they tend to have short attention spans. Luckily, you can give them fun craft projects that can keep them occupied for hours. The best part? You do not have to depend on mobile gadgets.

Here are six fun craft project ideas that will surely keep the kids creatively engaged:

Tissue Box Monsters

Doing this craft project is one of the best ways to recycle old tissue boxes.


The best thing about it is that your kids will love designing these tissue box monsters! There’s always that possibility that every tissue box monster is designed to be as unique as possible.


Pick a tissue box that has a round opening, and let your kids paint it. Put on some googly eyes, teeth, and throw in a couple of pom-poms, too!


Thumbprint Family Tree

If you’re looking for another creative project that you and your kids will surely treasure forever, then try making a thumbprint family tree.


To make one, draw a tree trunk on a large piece of paper with the names of grandparents or great grandparents inside. Then, the branches that come out from it mark different strands of the family. As you go, write down the names of uncles, aunts, and cousins.


Then, put a ‘leaf’ by each name by painting your fingertips, applying them on the end of the branches. Every single family member you’re living with can add their own in this part.


Use the pinky finger for the youngest family member, and leave more room as your family grows.

Homemade Modeling Clay

Traditional modeling clay can be great for all sorts of projects that kids love. It can be molded into different creations and can also create various handprints and footprint keepsakes.


But isn’t it more fun if you and your kids can create your own?


All you need is 2 cups of baking soda, a cup of corn starch, and one 1/cup of cold water. Mix these ingredients in a large pot, and cook it on medium heat, stirring it constantly.


Over time, the mixture will bubble and clump together. Soon, the clay will start to form and keep on stirring as you have the consistency of mashed potatoes.


Afterward, transfer the clay into a bowl, covering it with a dish towel until it cools down. Finally, all it needs is a little bit of kneading, and your kids will have the perfect homemade clay!


Creating origami can be rewarding both for adults and children! Regardless of your children’s age, you can find easy-to-follow origami instructions online. That way, you can let your kids turn their imagination into reality or help them complete a project.


You can find heaps of origami tutorials online, most of them in video tutorials or diagrams. For diagrams, make sure that you have the instructions on hand when completing the project.


Also, remind your kids that the neater their folds at the beginning, the better the project will look! Be patient and make sure that they have finished the next step before moving on to the next.

Bubble Painting

Bubble painting is a great way to create art without using brushes.


To create your bubble painting, you’ll need at least two tablespoons of paint and three tablespoons of bubble solution. Then, mix them in a cup.


After you placed a piece of paper on the table, put the bubble wand or straw in the bubble paint as kids start to blow out bubbles so that they’ll land on paper.


Let these dry, and show them off later as pretty bubble paintings!

Marble Maze

Maybe your kids love mazes that they wanted to navigate through. Luckily, you can create mazes out of everyday items at home, such as cardboard, construction paper, and LEGO building blocks.


You can hold and tilt these mazes to see which one does it the fastest. You can also time this, make new obstacles, and rearrange these mazes to add a little bit of challenge!


Your kids (it doesn’t matter how big or small) will love navigating these mazes every time!




Without a doubt, it’s going to be advantageous on your part to have a couple of activities lined up for your kids. That way, you can have some time for yourself while helping your child improve at the same time. So, why not try these fun craft project ideas at home now?