How Can I Become a Baby Nurse?

A baby nurse is not a medical professional, but is still considered qualified to take care of babies and newborns through extensive training and experience of caring for babies. While there’s certainly no doubt that being a baby nurse may turn out to be a lucrative career for the right candidates, there are certain requirements … Continued

Does A Child Sleep Consultant Can Really Make A Difference?

It is the misery of every new parent’s life –the battle of getting enough sleep. Unexpected 3 AM diaper changes, sessions of fussiness in wee hours, and multiple feedings every night may turn even the most stalwart of new parents into glass-eyed versions of themselves. If you are finding it hard to fight your sleep … Continued

6 Ways That Music Can Lull Your Baby To Sleep

Want to help your baby fall asleep smoother easier? From countless tips and tricks to help lull babies to sleep faster, it turns out that music is one of the most effective ways to getting the job done, and putting your infant at ease. Since music is inherent to humans, it’s a great universal medium … Continued

4 Money Questions You’ll Face When Starting a Family

As a first-time parent, you have an endless stream of questions floating around your head. From inconsolable crying to reaching major developmental milestones, there’s no shortage of things to worry about when welcoming your first child, and it’s all perfectly normal. Some questions, however, are more important than others—particularly when it comes to your family’s … Continued