What to do When Your Child Has Chickenpox

chicken pox curesChickenpox were once an inevitable part of childhood that required serious medical attention. Today however, most healthy children can be treated at home after a brief meeting with a doctor. When their chickenpox (varicella) is treated straight away, those horrifying complications many of us recall from childhood can all be avoided. You can take some over the counter medication to alleviate your child’s fever and itching and call it a day. We’re going to provide you with some remedies that you can try.

Before we jump in, let’s make a quick disclaimer. It’s so important to meet with a doctor prior to giving your child any medication. Major complications can arise if you are not cautious. Did you know people under the age of 20 are at risk for Reye syndrome if they take aspirin? The remedies below have been known to work for many people but they may not be right for you or your child.

1. Control the Itching 

Scratching chickenpox can cause skin infections and blisters if it persists. To reduce itching, try an oatmeal bath and a cool compress. Antihistamines are also recommended to calm down itching irritated skin. Be sure to consult with your doctor before giving your child antihistamines however. All of these items can be found in your local pharmacy.

2. Reduce the fever 

Having a high fever is a pretty normal way for our bodies to react when it feels under attack.  The increased body heat is your body’s way of attempting to kill viruses. Unfortunately, fevers become pretty uncomfortable. You can help reduce your child’s fever with over-the-counter medicine. Immunoglobulins are commonly used to help with these symptoms. With close adherence to the medications directions, you can dramatically reduce these all of these lousy symptoms in about a week’s time. We still advise consulting with a doctor before giving a baby or child any medication.

3. Stay home

Your child has an illness that legitimately warrants a few days off from school.  To prevent the spread of infection, wait until the pox begin to crust over before sending your child back to school. This can take roughly 10 days to happen. We advise staying away from people who are not immune until then.

4. Vaccination 

This isn’t such an “at-home” remedy but it’s so important to mention this. Preventing chickenpox is much easier than it ever was with a simple chickenpox vaccine. To prevent chickenpox, most people can get two doses of the chickenpox vaccine. Taking this step can save you a lot of trouble down the line.

There are people who are not advised to get this vaccination like pregnant women and people with allergies to gelatin.  Ask your doctor if you are able you are a good candidate for a vaccination beforehand.

There are instances where your doctor will prescribe antibiotics to help with symptoms but this is not as common as most people think. Did you have chickenpox as a kid? Tell us about your experience on our Facebook page.

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