A Parent’s Guide to Supporting Your Children’s Home Education

If there’s anything that the current pandemic has taught us, it’s that parents play a pivotal role in their child’s education. Teachers are doing the best they can to conduct remote classes, but parents who want their children to truly succeed at this time will have to play an active role in their day-to-day education. … Continued

10 Ways Mothers Can Connect With Their Daughters

Being a mother with daughters is very special, especially when you make the time to spend time with each other. Although things can be hectic nowadays – school, work, etc. – you should still make time to connect with your children. Here are 10 ways that moms can have a better relationship with their daughters, … Continued

A Parent’s Guide to Balancing Work and Child Care

Working parents have never faced a challenge quite like COVID-19. In addition to the fear and uncertainty we all face every day, they have an extra layer of stress to deal with. Many families rely on two incomes and, as a result, have relied on some form of childcare. With many schools and daycares closed, … Continued