Raising ‘Out of the Box’ Kids, Part 1

Hello from Woombie Founder Karen Barski! I am so excited to start this blog on parenting and entrepreneurialism! A little about me, I am the mom to 5 unique children, ages 11-24 years old. All quite sassy, fierce, lovable and little entrepreneurs. All with really good hearts, which is ultimately the most I could ever … Continued

7 Best Exercise to Improve your Posture & Appearance

7 Best Exercise to Improve your Posture & Appearance   It can often be difficult deciding on what workout or exercise to pick in the gym or whilst at home working out. Gym equipment have gathered together 7 functional exercises which are aimed to improve both posture and appearance whilst targeting specific common weaknesses such … Continued

Safe Sleep 101

To swaddle, or not to swaddle? Arms in or out? Co-sleep or bassinet? Is back really best? No doubt new moms are bombarded with safe sleep insight for babies, and it’s hard to sift through what’s legit. As sleep experts, we want to provide you with helpful tips for safe sleep. *Always place your baby … Continued

What to Pack when Staying in a Vacation Home near Disney

Okay, so after you have your fabulous and affordable vacation home rental near Disney in Florida all booked, the next question is, what to pack?!  When planning a family vacation to Disney, the last thing that you usually deal with is the packing. It’s okay, I am a notorious last minute packer as well, but … Continued

How To Soothe Summer Injuries

Fun in the sun can sometimes lead to minor injuries for babies and kids. No matter how hard we try to prevent them with sunscreen, kid-safe insect repellent, and even knee pads, our little guys seem to inevitably find a way to come back from a trip to the playground with new summertime battle scars. … Continued