The Metaphysical Mom: Teaching Your Child to Meditation

Welcome  to  this  weeks  blog  on Child Meditation! Simple Meditation I recommend starting your child at 2 years of age or even less. What children ‘see and do’ as young children engrains In their consciousness Wash your hands with cool water to start, this disconnects “other” peoples and objects energy from your field Put on … Continued

The Metaphysical Mom: Meditation

Children and Metaphysics Meditation is a wonderful way to teach your child to quiet his mind! It awakens one’s consciousness — and conscious awareness creates greater sensitivity to what is — and what is not — both on a Universal scale and the individual’s role within it. Metaphysical meaning of Meditation: Meditation–Continuous and contemplative thought; … Continued

The Metaphysical Mom Blog: What is Metaphysics?

Hello from Woombie Founder Karen Barski! I am so excited to start this blog-to-book called The Metaphysical Mom!  This blog-to-book is intended to provide parents with tips on how to raise conscious, empowered children in a highly sensitive world, tips on everyday issues and how metaphysics can help you to raise your child with a … Continued

The Metaphysical Mom: Raising ‘Out of the Box’ Kids, Part 2

Welcome back! This week let’s talk about the S word, STRUCTURE! We have all heard that children thrive on structure, and it is absolutely true! An organized space creates an organized mind… and a structured home creates a structured mind. Not only a structured mind, but a child that feels safe and secure- to the … Continued