Can Playing Music Help to Improve Attention?

What Does Science Say? In our brain, we have 2 types of concentration—one is conscious, and the other is unconscious. The second type (unconscious) of concentration works first and easily attracted to the surrounding noise when you are very serious about your work and distract your mind from reaching the goal. But your conscious mind … Continued

How to Help a Baby Sleep Better at Night

Sleepless nights tend to be common among new parents. It can often seem impossible to get your baby to sleep for a few hours, let alone a full night. However, there are several simple steps you can take to help ease the process. Below we’ve outlined the best ways to help your baby fall asleep … Continued

6 Ways Dogs Can Help Keep the Family Fit

You may love going to the gym 3-4 times a week, your kids may go to hockey or soccer every weekend, or you may be concerned that the only exercise your family gets is their thumbs on their computer console. Wherever you fall on the continuum of keeping fit, having a dog in your family … Continued

Baby Strains on Your Veins, Nurturing Your Veins During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman’s body undergoes many changes to accommodate for the growing baby. Some of these changes are obvious and well-known, while others are fairly obscure. Did you know that some of the effects of pregnancy on the body can result in vein disease? Increased blood volume, extra hormones and the pressure of the growing … Continued

Best Ways to Deal with Night Terrors in Babies

Best Ways to Deal with Night Terrors in Babies Did you know that up to thirty percent of the baby population in the world gets night terrors? So you are not alone. Besides, the terrors are not fatal; thus, don’t be stressed. However, as a normal parent, you want an expert opinion on how to deal with … Continued