Best Ways to Deal with Night Terrors in Babies

Best Ways to Deal with Night Terrors in Babies

Did you know that up to thirty percent of the baby population in the world gets night terrors? So you are not alone. Besides, the terrors are not fatal; thus, don’t be stressed. However, as a normal parent, you want an expert opinion on how to deal with this situation, right? You are in good hands. Kindly read on.


  1. Make sure your baby is relaxed before bedtime and throughout the night.


How do you prepare your baby for the night? Look at your child’s sleep routine. Does it involve calming activities like a warm bath and an excellent bedtime storybook? 


You are responsible for drawing the kid’s schedule, hence, ensure that before he goes to the bedroom, you create an atmosphere that provokes calm and harmony. You can achieve this through the following simple steps:


  • Tidy up the bedroom. Place your baby’s favorite toys closer to the bed.


  • Move the bed away from sources of distraction like staircases and busy streets.



  • The weather might not be conducive for a night bath. In that case, wipe baby with a cloth soaked in warm water.


  1. Study your kid’s environment


Has the baby gone through a stressful experience lately? Could there be a change in the baby’s life, like a new school or new additions to the family?  Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is known to cause nightmares in babies, and it could lead to night terrors too.


That is why you need to mind your young ones surrounding. For instance, before buying a dog, you can socialize your child with a friend’s dog first. Do not just bombard the kid with changes. Do not overwork him. Let the baby live a stress-free life.



  1. You shouldn’t wake the child up during the terror


Do you know why you are strongly discouraged from waking up the kid during the terrors? One of the differences between baby nightmares and baby terrors is that babies don’t recall the terror when they wake up.


If you keep waking the child, you might be tasked to explain why you keep doing that. You don’t want to create a situation where your baby feels embarrassed, scared, or stressed once he knows that something is wrong with him.


Next, research shows that children who wake after a terror feel disoriented and may not want to lie down again immediately. Since most children outgrow these things at the onset of teenage, it’s unnecessary to torture your child. 


  1. Study the baby’s sleep pattern.


If you could know the exact moment when the terrors happen, then you can wake the child minutes before it starts. This is the most expensive of all night terrors in toddlers remedies but is effective.


So, you visit a sleep therapist with your child. Your baby is taken to a sleep lab where machines are used to monitor his/her sleep patterns. The doctor will then help you know at what point during the night the terror begins.


Therefore, you form a habit of waking the child a few minutes before the terror. Make sure the baby is fully awake then soothe him to sleep again. Sounds tiresome but remember you can ask for help from other family members.


Final say


Remember a parent like you is also searching ‘how to stop night terrors’ on the internet right now. Hence, don’t be afraid to join a support group hoping that your baby will be among the man that outgrow sleep terrors by age ten.