Celebrating Important Milestones With Your Newborn

As a new parent, you’ll notice different milestones with your newborn regularly. From developmental achievements to physical changes, seeing your baby grow in different ways and reach these standard milestones is an incredible feeling.


So, it’s important to celebrate them – no matter how big or small. Sometimes, it can even feel like cleaning up your baby’s first mess after eating solid foods is a milestone (so don’t forget to snap a photo!).


When you think about all of the changes your baby will go through in the first year of their life, it might seem hard to keep track. By paying attention and celebrating the “wins,” you can not only make sure your child is developing healthily, but you’ll have something to look back on with pride. Eventually, as your little one gets older, you can even share those milestone celebrations with them and tell them stories about themselves as a newborn.


Let’s cover some of the milestones you should be looking out for, even on a day-to-day basis, and how you can celebrate them with your child.

Keeping Track of the “Small Things”

Babies continue to grow and develop from the moment they’re born. Even in their first week, they’ll recognize your voice and understand that you are a source of safety and comfort.


By the first month, they’ll start getting more control over their vocal cords, and you might notice more cooing and “ahhs.” Babies are natural mimickers, so try to make easy noises for them to imitate.


These first few milestones might seem small after the fact. But, in the moment, they can fill you with absolute joy and pride in your little one. Don’t forget to keep track of them. Write them down in a baby book and include how they made you feel. Those are the things you’ll love to look back on someday.


You can also pay more attention to milestones if you know what to expect and when to expect them. Keep in mind, every child is different. If your baby doesn’t hit a milestone when a chart says they’re supposed to, it doesn’t mean they are behind. Give them time to figure things out at their own pace, and don’t try to force or rush any of the processes.


Knowing that, some of the milestones you should expect in the first year of your baby’s life include:


  • 2 months – smiling
  • 4 months – laughing, starting to sleep through the night
  • 6 months – sitting up with support
  • 9 months – crawling, waving ‘bye-bye’
  • 12 months – standing, walking


Now is the time to invest in a good camera or upgrade your smartphone so you can take pictures of every milestone. They’re great for baby books and photo albums. But, you can also display your pictures on everything from photo boards to fridge magnets and even ornaments for extended family members during the holidays. What glowing grandparent wouldn’t want their grandchild’s first time standing hanging on their tree?

Preparing for Major Milestones in the Future

The more you pay attention to and celebrate the “small” milestones in your baby’s life, the more prepared you’ll be for the bigger ones. Their first steps will be something you never forget, and something they should be praised for so it encourages walking and independence.


As they get past the first year of their lives, the milestones don’t stop. In fact, they tend to become even bigger and more noticeable. You’ll start to see your little baby grow into themselves. They’ll develop a personality. They’ll learn new things every day. They will surprise you constantly with what they know and what they can do.

Some milestones will be memorable because you’ll be directly involved. Potty training, for example, is a huge accomplishment that usually happens between 18 months and 3 years. When you’re more familiar with your child’s development, you can be more prepared for processes like these. There are different potty training methods to choose from, including:


  • The “Oh crap!” method
  • Rewards
  • Straight to underwear
  • The child-oriented method


Because you’ve seen your child go through other milestones, you’ll have a better idea of what will work for them for things like potty training, switching to a “big bed,” and so much more.


The best way to celebrate milestones with your newborn is not to blink. They will all go by in an instant. Documenting them will help you remember and celebrate those moments forever. When they actually happen, praise your little one. Encourage them, and let them know how proud you are. Even if they can’t understand you as newborns, your tone and warmth will mean more to them than you’ll ever be able to comprehend.