How Can I Become a Baby Nurse?

A baby nurse is not a medical professional, but is still considered qualified to take care of babies and newborns through extensive training and experience of caring for babies.

While there’s certainly no doubt that being a baby nurse may turn out to be a lucrative career for the right candidates, there are certain requirements to be met. We will go through them below while explaining how to become a baby nurse.

Formal Training

While a baby nurse isn’t required to have formal training, many parents do prefer someone with formal training. Similarly, someone with formal training would be much more likely to get hired than someone without any formal training.

Having formal training may also allow you to charge a considerably higher rate than others.

Knowledge of Common Health Issues in Babies

If you want to become a truly good baby nurse parents can really rely on, then educating yourself about the different health issues that are common in babies and how to treat them, at least on a basic level, is important.

Another important step in becoming a baby nurse would be to learn how to perform an infant CPR. Mentioning about this when applying to a job may significantly improve your chances of getting it.


Needless to say, no new parents would prefer hiring a baby nurse with absolutely no experience. But then the question is: How do you gain experience if no one is willing to hire a baby nurse with no experience?

Well, you always have the option of volunteering at local childcare facilities. This is a great way to get some experience that may not only help you become a much better baby nurse, but also something that will impress the parents.

If that’s not an option for you for some reason, then you can consider offering your services at a highly discounted rate so that some of the new parents may consider hiring you. Of course, this doesn’t mean that your care for the baby should be anything less than what it would be if you were paid the usual rates, as references matter A LOT in this industry.

Going with an Agency

A baby nurse agency may be willing to offer you some essential training and also experience if you have a passion to care for babies and really enjoy the job. Again, you may have to work for a low rate initially, but you would be surprised at how quickly you manage to get a much better rate as you get more experienced.

Some Other Requirements

  • A baby nurse must be at least of 18 years of age
  • Must really love babies and enjoy caring for them
  • Any experience even as a nanny may come in really handy
  • Be willing to work on a very flexible schedule, including at nights, weekends and periodically; some parents may also want to hire you permanently, although that’s not very common

How Much Can You Earn?

Just like with any career option, the rates for baby nurses can vary greatly depending on their location, experience, training, whether they are working through an agency or independently and more.

That said, the typical rates for a baby nurse in some of the most popular areas (where their services are in demand) can range from $18 to $35 per hour or $150 to $400 per day.