How to Protect Crawling Baby’s Knees

How to Protect Crawling Baby’s Knees

  1. Introduction

Crawling is an exciting milestone. Once your little one starts moving, life changes. As your little one spends more and more time on their knees, you will notice they start to wear through clothes and possibly even scuff their knees. But we have the perfect solution to protect your baby’s knees.


  1. When do babies start to crawl

Your baby will start crawling anywhere between 6 and 12 months. Some babies will start crawling closer to their 6th month while others make take a little longer and start when they are a little older. There is no right answer. Each child is different, even siblings could end up starting to crawl at very different times. It can be tempting to compare your baby, but it is more important to trust your instincts and let your child develop at their own pace. Once they do start crawling, parenting will speed up a lot, focus on enjoying each stage.


  1. At what age babies stop crawling

The next milestone after crawling is walking and this can happen at anytime once they start crawling. While the thought of your child walking is exciting, the crawling stage should not be rushed as it is important for your children over all development. Generally, babies will start to walk anywhere between 9 and 18 months. Again, these are just guidelines, and some babies might take a little longer than others. The important thing is to encourage and support your baby as they grow and develop and try not to rush them before they are ready, they will get there, in their own time.


  1. Tips on how to protect crawling baby’s knees
  • Put down foam floor tiles and if possible, remove or cover hard carpets. Babies are curious and will try to crawl everywhere, making it easy for them to crawl by covering hard floors with foam floor tiles is a great way to protect their knees and encourage them to walk. If you have hard carpet and removing it is not possible, cover it with a softer mat or covering. This will help to keep your little one’s knees protected while they crawl. It will also provide soft padding if they fall.
  • Invest in baby knee pads for crawling. You will find a range of t baby crawling knee pads to invest in to protect your babies’ knees while they crawl. This is a great way to add protection onto their knees. These knee pads will sit securely over your babies’ leggings or pants but will not prevent them from moving around easily. The best baby knee pads are the ones that work best for your baby. Baby knee pad protector are great to pack in with you when you go out, so that your little one can still crawl easily wherever you are.
  • Investing in baby pants with knee pads for crawling. You will find a selection of leggings and onesies for your little one that come with knee pads sewn into them. These are a great option to help protect your little one’s knees while they crawl. These are ideal for softer, smooth indoor surfaces. It is worthwhile to invest in a pair of these pants because they make it easier for your little one to safely crawl anywhere, anytime as they are great baby knee protectors.
  • Remove potentially sharp or dangerous things from floor. When your baby starts crawling it important for you to make sure that the floor is clear of all sharp and dangerous items. These will not only hurt your child’s knee but could also hurt their feet and legs. If your baby is venturing outdoors, check the area to make sure it is safe for them to crawl outside. Things like sticks, stones and even hard grass can hurt your little one when they crawl on it, so you want to make it as soft and danger free as possible.
  • Always watch your baby. Once your baby realizes they can move on their own, they will want to explore everywhere. This exploration is important, but it can also lead them to dangerous situations. Never leave your baby to crawl around on their own, you must make sure you can always see them. Even experienced crawlers can hurt themselves or find themselves in a dangerous situation so it is important to keep an eye on them at all times.


  1. Bad news about knee pads

While we do recommend investing in a pair of knee pads, some parents do find them challenging to use. Some knee pads can be slippery and hard to put on resulting in them slipping off. Tightening them may not be possible, as you don’t want to stop circulation. You might end up trying to a few pairs before you find the one that works best for your baby.


  1. If something happens what to do

Even if you do have protective measures in place, your baby still might hurt themselves. This happens and if your little one does hurt their knee you can clean the area and then apply Vaseline or another healing cream. You could also apply some ice wrapped in a towel, if your baby’s knees red from crawling


  1. Few quick tips for safer crawling

Little ones aren’t aware of their surroundings, they don’t know that cords and chemicals are dangerous. Once your baby is mobile, you want to make sure that all dangerous items, like cords, bottles of cleaning materials etc., are placed in cupboards, drawers or out of your babies reach.


  1. FAQs
  • Do babies need knee pads? While your baby could easily crawl without knee pads, adding knee pads in, will just make it a little easier for them to navigate this new milestone.
  • Is too much crawling bad for babies? Crawling is an important developmental milestone helps prepare them for walking. It might feel like they are crawling too much, but they will move to the next stage.
  • Can baby’s knees can get dark from crawling? If your baby crawls a lot without any covering on their knees, then they might end up with dark knees, but it is not very common.


  1. Conclusion

Crawling is such an exciting time for you and your baby but as they get mobile, they also open themselves up to the possibility of injury. We hope you found this article helpful as you navigate your little one crawling. If you did find it useful, please share with your family and friends.


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