Meet The Baby Swaddle Guru

Woombie inventor and founder, Karen Barski, has been a RN for 23 years and is a Certified Infant Care Specialist educating parents on topics ranging from safe sleep to how to properly swaddle a baby. Now Karen has come to be known as THE Baby Swaddle Guru! A mom of five, Karen has had her fair share of experience with swaddling her babies and helping other parents achieve healthy sleep for their babies and themselves.


Karen began her crusade for safe swaddling after the birth of her third daughter, Bella. Bella was a preemie with a super startle reflex and mighty mouse strength. She began busting out of her swaddle and waking up EVERY 15 minutes. Karen would find her with her unraveled swaddle up over her face so she would be red and hot. After trying every other product on the market, Karen decided to take matters into her own hands and sewed her own peanut-shaped swaddle that required no wrapping – and the Woombie was born! The Woombie worked wonders on Bella so Karen knew that she had something special on her hands and she needed to share it with the world.

Now as the number one trusted swaddle, the Woombie continues to be safer and more effective than traditional swaddle blankets because of its ergonomic shape and easy zip-up style.

Here are 7 tips from the Baby Swaddle Guru on what to look for in a safe swaddle:

  • Ergonomic Shape and fabric that “moves with baby”
  • No Wrapping Required (which means no accidental “unwrapping” can occur)
  • Stays in Place; Does NOT Unravel
  • “Hands Over Heart” Position (no arms pinned to the side)
  • Plenty of Hip / Leg Room to kick and move, encouraging the “froggy position” as needed
  • Non-restrictive; Allows Baby to Move & Stretch
  • Breathable and/or Ventilated (multiple layers can lead to overheating)