What to Pack when Staying in a Vacation Home near Disney

Okay, so after you have your fabulous and affordable vacation home rental near Disney in Florida all booked, the next question is, what to pack?!  When planning a family vacation to Disney, the last thing that you usually deal with is the packing. It’s okay, I am a notorious last minute packer as well, but I can honestly say that I never usually forget the essentials. It is always the not-so-obvious items that are usually specific to the destination I am visiting. Here I will list some essential items that you might skip over when making your packing list and even doing the double check!


Item #1: Disney ensembles for the kids (and you!)


It’s fun, and a necessity, to get everyone a Disney souvenir at Disney, but for the rest of the stuff, get it before you get to Disney. Get your little princess a Disney princess dress. They can be found at any toy store and will cost a fraction of the price at Disney World. There are plenty of costumes for little boys as well! And don’t forget the Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears. Keep

them in your backpack throughout the day and pull the out for various photo ops.


I love the Youtube Channel – With the Donohos and there’s a ton about Disney. They have the coolest ears too!  They buy their Disney Mickey Ears on Etsy – so many to choose from!


Item #2: First Aid kit


This is something I try to carry around at all times, not just on trips (Fun random fact:  in Russia every car must carry a first aid kit with a fire extinguisher! I only know this because my cousin’s husband is Russian…okay, back to Disney packing tips!). Now, it’s easy to go

Overboard with bringing medical supplies you may need but likely won’t — chances are you won’t need a neck brace or a leg split.  Keep it simple and carry these with you at all times: plenty of Band-Aids in different sizes, Neosporin, sunscreen, SPF lip balm, antiseptic wipes, bug spray or bug repellant bands if you prefer to go eco, ibuprofen, queasy pops (amazing all natural remedy for motion sickness!), and a bandage with medical tape to wrap any twisted ankles, which can  happen when excited and frantic children spot Goofy across the fountain.


Item #3: Some fun recipes


One of the glorious perks of vacation home rentals in Orlando, Florida near Disney are all the lovely amenities that come along with it, like a full size gourmet kitchen. Make sure you shop around and find the right comforts for you and your family, such as a water park, golf course, or laundry service. Preparing two out of the three meals in a vacation home rental will be a much more cost effective vacation, and with the extra money, stay a couple days longer! Make it fun for the family by bringing along some of their favorite meal recipes and try a couple new ones. Hey, you’re on vacation right?
Item #4: All your charging necessities.


Add four iPhones, three tablets, two laptops, one camera, and a partridge in a pear tree!  Not, but really, that is ten items that need constant charging. My recommendation is bring 1-2 power strips so you can charge all your electronics in the same location and they are less likely to get misplaced. Also, a USB port with multiple plug points can be a lifesaver. Luckily, when staying in a vacation home near Disney in Florida, there will be plenty of outlets, unlike the only two that are hidden behind the nightstand in a hotel.


Item #5: Rain gear


Weather in Florida can change in a jiff! Yes, I said jiff. Pre-purchasing a ten pack of lightweight

ponchos for the family will be the best $5 you’ll spend throughout the whole vacation! Toss a

pair of flip flops in your backpack as well because nothing is worse than trudging around in wet

tennis shoes. Ponchos can ultimately replace the need for an umbrella, but if you must have one, they have a cool compact travel umbrella that is only 6 inches tall!
Worst case scenario, any of these items can be purchased in Orlando, but try to remember to

pack them because anything you buy at Disney will be more expensive! Use that extra money for more Mickey Ice Creams!


Another quick tip:  Staying in a vacation home rental near Disney as opposed to a hotel, will allow you to pack everything you need and have more than enough storage space to keep it organized and out of the way. There’s nothing worse than tripping over your luggage and belongings in a tight hotel room – especially when sharing a room with family.


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