Perifit Review, 5 Stars!

As a mom of 5 you had better believe this is a tool and practice that is of uber importance!


Vaginal births + age + genetics can lead to pelvic issues which is not something any woman wants!  So What is Perifit?

Perifit is a connected Kegel exerciser that lets you control video games with your pelvic floor. It
has been designed specifically to help women strengthen their pelvic floor to prevent and treat
issues related to its weakening (pain, incontinence or even prolapse) . Along with
physiotherapists and pelvic floor rehabilitation professionals, we have specifically focused on a
device that measures deep


and superficial muscle contractions, with the idea to give women
insights on how well they are able to contract and encourage them to train the right way. Perifit
is the only device which measures contractions in 2 directions for more accuracy of the
biofeedback and e are very proud to have recently patented this very innovative technology.
We identified our users main concerns and developed 6 personalized programs to treat and
prevent incontinence:
1. Post-Pregnancy
2. Urge Incontinence
3. Stress Incontinence
4. Intimate Well-being
5. Mixed Incontinence
6. Prevent disorders
The gamification of this experience was
prompted by the idea that the efficiency of
the training is driven by the willingness of our
users to train. Plus, being able to track your
progress is key to motivation and to reach the
best results! The Perifit device and app (training programs, patterns of the Kegel exercises and games) have
been developed in close collaboration with physiotherapists and pelvic floor rehabilitation
specialists.Women are able to work on their pelvic floor score by improving on 5 performance dimensions
: force, stamina, balance, accuracy and release. After taking a test to identify the best program
for them, users are able to practice and track their progress on these dimensions.
Our product has been recommended by 1000+ physiotherapists worldwide. Of course, Perifit is a
medical device registered at the FDA and CE and we only use surgical grade silicones tested for
biocompatibility and appropriate for medical applications (this is the highest silicone quality

After my twins, i noticed that it was harder to “hold it” when i had to urinate. Not something i wanted to progress, especially since my grandma needed a pessary due to incontinence. I have been using my Perifit for approx 3 months now. I have tried other Kegel exercises but this one is not only effective but actually fun, as it uses games and cues in the game to prompt squeezes. It only takes a few minutes daily! And who doesn’t want tighter peri muscles? I will continue to use the Perfit and add to the post monthly. I highly recommend it!

Stay well !




Karen Barski, RN BSN

Mom of 5

Owner of Woombie