Coming Home- How to Have Your Home Ready for When Your Baby Arrives | Woombie

As a new parent, bringing home your baby is a very exciting moment! Not only are you finally able to get back to your own bed and be in the comfort of your home, but you’re also starting a new normal with your little one. There will probably be some sleepless nights, a lot of diaper changes and many milestone moments, which is what makes being a parent so rewarding. Although you may feel overwhelmed when it comes to planning for your baby’s arrival, there are various ways to stay organized and prepare efficiently for when the day finally comes.


Before bringing your baby home, there are several things you’ll want to check off your list. Consider these tips during the process of preparing for your baby’s arrival: 

Declutter to Make More Space

It is very important to ensure that you have enough room in your home for your newborn. Whether you’ve contemplated moving into a bigger home, started cleaning out the guest bedroom to transform into a nursery, or began rearranging your living space to make more room for the baby’s accessories, each can bring their own benefits in creating a more spacious home for yourself, your partner and your little one.


If you’ve decided that the best decision is to move, try to do so sooner rather than later. Moving when you have a newborn can be a lot to handle, so it’s best to make the move well before they are welcomed into the world. If you aren’t pregnant yet but are planning on building your family you might want to consider moving into a bigger house beforehand to save yourself from stress during a pregnancy. While house hunting write down all of your options, make sure that there is a great school district nearby, and that the area is family friendly and safe. Ask the realtor you’re working with questions about the structure of the house and how others love the neighborhood.


If a move is off the table, consider investing in a self storage unit if you are in need of some extra space for your belongings and for your baby’s necessities.Having a storage unit offers you the ability to store your items in a safe and secure environment while giving you easy access whenever you need something in it. If you aren’t ready to part ways with certain items around your home, a storage unit can be a smart choice so you’re able to keep them without the clutter.

Prepare All Rooms

As you start to prepare your home for the baby, you’ll find that almost every room in your home will need some attention and even some extra TLC.


A great place to start is the nursery, which is where you’ll spend the most of your time preparing for the baby’s arrival. For the nursery, you may want to change out rugs (if you have them), replace or weatherstrip windows to ensure there are no drafts, and paint walls to give the room a fresh new look. If you plan on painting the walls, make sure you do that months in advance to ensure that there are no chances of fumes in the air. Once you have the cosmetics down, you’ll also want to find furniture. A crib, changing table, dresser, book shelf, and storage for clothing and toys are all elements that you’ll need for your nursery. Other items you’ll want to look into are book shelf fillers, a play mat, rocking chair, diaper pail, and a high-tech baby monitor. Ensure that you’re designing your space so that all of the essentials are in one corner of the nursery to limit walking from one side to another while handling the baby. 


Along with the nursery, there are other rooms in your home that may need some updates.In your living room you’ll want to plan out an area for baby needs such as a bobby, bouncer, potential play area, a place you can comfortably feed the baby, and age appropriate toys. If you’re worried about how things will look, purchase neutral colored items or invest in a larger storage bin to put all the items in within a hall closet or the basement. If you are a parent who works from home, consider getting a playpen, or an extra bassinet for your office so the baby can be nearby during your work hours.


Since the kitchen provides you with cupboards and drawers, clean them out and primarily use it for baby bottles and other feeding necessities. If you don’t like your counters cluttered, use organizers to make your cabinets look put together and your items easily accessible. You’ll want to have a space for pumping pieces, bottles, plates, and bowls. A formula maker, bottle warmer, and bottle sterilizer and a booster seat can take up space in this area too, so ensure there is enough room in your cupboard or pantry in case you want these tucked away while you’re not using them.


Before you know it, the baby will be experiencing tummy time, start to crawl, then eventually will be walking around, which is why it’s important to think about how you’ll childproof your home. Baby proofing involves covering sharp edges, placing baby gates near stairs, and hiding plugs and cords to ensure everything is safe for your child.


All these home upgrades do tend to add up fast, so it’s a good idea to have a plan in place on how you are going to finance them. Consider all financial options and ask yourself the tough questions to get yourself thinking what would be best for your situation. Think about if you want to spend cash out of pocket, different credit card vs personal line of credit options, or if enrolling in installment plans is a good idea for you. 

Clean Your Home

It’s very important to make sure you are bringing your baby into a clean home. Having this done in advance will ensure you aren’t worrying about cleaning when you are trying to enjoy your first few days with the little one.


Think about either cleaning your home with your partner or hiring a cleaning service to come in before the baby’s due date. You may also want to consider someone coming in for the first few months post delivery so you don’t have to stress about cleaning as a new parent. Having an extra set of hands could be super beneficial for you and your partner.


As you clean, consider changing your HVAC filters, getting air purifiers, and purchasing diffusers to enhance your home’s air quality. Dust throughout your home as well to limit the risk of allergens that may be around. If you have a pet or haven’t had your carpets cleaned in a few months, it’s a good idea to either hire carpet cleaners or purchase an at home carpet cleaner.


While cleaning your home, or if you hire cleaners, make sure that they are utilizing eco-friendly products. Eco-friendly products are not just good for the environment but also for you! Using eco-friendly products reduces the risks of being exposed to harsh chemicals that could be bad for your home and family.


Once you’ve completed these steps, you are ready to bring home your baby! Remember, it’s a good idea to have these home upgrades ready before the baby’s due date so you aren’t scrambling at the last minute. Giving yourself more time will ease the nerves and make for a lovely environment while you’re caring for your newborn.