Expert Guide to Bathroom Safety for Kids | Woombie

Bathroom safety involves many different things and can be overwhelming for parents and guardians to children of all ages. There are just a few simple steps to take to reduce the present risks. However, accidents happen and cannot be avoided entirely. The best thing you can do is just be there monitoring in the case of any incidents.

Create a Designated Space for Your Kids

Whether you have one child or multiple, you will want to do what you can to create a separate bathroom space for them. Understandably this isn’t always possible to have an entire bathroom dedicated to your kids, but there are some ways to create a space within your bathroom for them. Something as simple as dedicating baskets for their things or even cleaning off a shelf can be super beneficial.

Sharing a Bathroom with Your Kids

Sharing any space with your children can be challenging, but there are some ways to divide your space to allow yourself the separation you need. Start with your vanity, you and your children will spend a lot of time here so consider switching out your current one for a larger, more functional double sink bathroom vanity. Some key features you’ll need are space underneath for things such as bath toys and personal hygiene products. You’ll also want to choose one with lots of countertop space to give you plenty of space for morning and night routines. Don’t forget about a step stool if you have younger children as this will be important for brushing teeth and handwashing while potty training.

Designing a Separate Bathroom

A separate bathroom space is ideal for children, especially if you have multiple. Make this space fun, but functional so your kid(s) enjoy being here. Sometimes it can be tough for children to enjoy bath time, brushing their teeth, and even going to the bathroom. The best way to combat these challenges is to create a fun space that is tailored to their specific interests.


Start with the design of the space. Use a fun, removable wallpaper that has their favorite characters or animals on it, then match the rest of the decor around this theme. Utilizing a wallpaper that is easily removed will allow this space to grow with your children easily.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Regardless of whether your space is shared or separate, there are a few important factors that will create a functional and successful bathroom. First, it is important to have a safe bathtub especially if you have very young children. A safe bathtub is one that includes a slip-free mat, a water spout cover, and isn’t too deep. These will all ensure your child is safe during bathtime. You may also invest in a baby bathtub seat for sit-up bathing while your child is still learning how to sit up on their own.


Next, you’ll want to stock the bathroom with all the necessities. Keep towels, bath toys, and personal hygiene items stored in your vanity for easy access. If you have additional space, you may even want to include pajamas and swaddles in the bathroom to make your nighttime routine even more streamlined while your kids are young.

Tips for Maintaining Your New Space

Maintenance is key, especially with little ones. First, you need to establish an organizing system in the bathroom. Once you’ve done this you’ll want to ensure that your family knows what this new system is and how they are to operate in this space. There is no foolproof method for keeping your space tidy, but it will reduce the amount of clutter that occurs and will make regular cleanings much easier.

Pointers to Keep in Mind During Morning & Nighttime Routines

While your children are little it will be on you and your spouse/family to establish a routine and stick to it. Routines are very important to the development of children and therefore should be maintained whenever possible.


Morning time routines are much quicker and don’t require much day-to-day. Some things to be sure to include during this time are brushing teeth, brushing hair, and wiping down counters. Depending on your child's age, you may also include a diaper change or potty break along with changing out of pajamas. Keeping the same order of events in the morning will make this process much more efficient and get your kids ready for their day.


At night the number one difference is going to be bathtime or showers for older kids. Executing baths in a timely manner can be tricky, but you will get better at it each time. Baths require your full attention and should be a fun time for kids. Utilize bath toys that are age appropriate and keep your eyes on them at all times while in the water.



All-in-all, parenting is hard. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, especially when it comes to bedtime or bathtime routines. Only you know your child best and how to parent them. These are just some extra tips to keep your children the safest in the bathroom.