How to Connect With Your Kids Through Cricketing | Woombie

As a parent, it’s natural to not only want to spend more time with your kids but actually connect and bond during that time. Things like watching TV together or just being in the same room don’t often foster that connection the way meaningful, dedicated time together can. 


One of the best ways to connect with your kids is by sharing an activity. 


If you’re a sports fan and have a special love for cricket, consider getting your kids involved in the game. Sports have so many benefits for kids. Not only do they teach responsibility and other important life skills, but they can boost both mental and physical health


While you shouldn’t force your children to share the same interests, introducing them to the world of cricket could help you develop a stronger bond and a fun way to connect. 


So, how can you get started? 

Watching and Learning

Even if you or your kids don’t want to play cricket, one of the best ways to get someone interested is simply by watching the game. 


Cricket isn’t the biggest sport in the U.S., but it’s extremely popular in places like the UK and India. Consider investing in a sports cable package that allows you to get more channels that feature the game, and if your child is interested, have live watch parties. You can turn each match into a special event by preparing snacks, setting up your living room or den a certain way, and even inviting friends over. 


Even better than watching live cricket matches on TV is going to one in person. If your child starts to favour a certain team, you’ll make their day by going to a live game. You can boost your bonding efforts by turning it into a longer trip. 


Traveling with kids isn’t always easy, and it’s important to prioritize their safety by 


  • Packing easily identifiable clothing
  • Practicing the buddy system
  • Having the right supplies on hand
  • Establishing a designated meeting spot


Letting your child explore and fostering their curiosity are good things, but make sure they know the rules and how to stay safe when you’re traveling – especially in busy stadiums with other people. 

Play the Game

Sometimes, watching other people play a game you love simply isn’t enough! If your child wants to start playing cricket, themselves, encourage them! Kids who play sports tend to


  • Have better self-esteem
  • Experience less stress and pressure
  • Have more physical health benefits
  • Learn teamwork and problem-solving skills earlier


Encouraging your child through their sport will immensely strengthen your connection. It will give them someone to look up to and can increase your attachment bond. If you show them how to play and practice with them, they’ll know they always have support in their corner, no matter what. 


You can also introduce them to players and coaches who serve as positive role models for kids and young adults. The more people your child has to look up to within the sport, the better. 


Whether your little one ends up having a lot of natural talent for the sport or they have to work hard to get better isn’t the point. Being there for every practice and match is what will help you connect and develop a lifelong love for something that can’t be broken. 

Join a Club

Want to get in on some matches, yourself? If your child is old enough, consider joining a cricket club together. This can be especially effective for teenagers when it’s no longer “cool” to hang out with parents. 


It’s not uncommon for teens to go through a rebellious phase, and while you might not know everything that’s going on in their lives, you can support them through it. Open communication is key so you can validate their feelings, be observant, and give praise where it’s due. Your teen might not be willing to sit down at the dinner table and talk about their feelings. However, if you have a mutual love of cricket and play the game together, it’s a perfect opportunity for them to feel more comfortable and vulnerable enough to open up. 


As you can see, cricket is much more than just a sport. Maybe it’s something that you shared with one of your parents and you want to pass that connection to your child. Maybe it’s something you discovered later in life and you think your kid would love it just as much as you do. 


Whatever the case, connecting through cricketing is a fantastic way to have fun, get involved in something new, and foster a strong relationship with your child that will keep you close even as they have kids of their own one day. They’ll remember everything you did together through the sport and could even end up passing it on to another generation.