The Metaphysical Mom: Raising ‘Out of the Box’ Kids, Part 2

Welcome back! This week let’s talk about the S word, STRUCTURE!

We have all heard that children thrive on structure, and it is absolutely true! An organized space creates an organized mind… and a structured home creates a structured mind. Not only a structured mind, but a child that feels safe and secure- to the core. Having a plan and routine helps children to understand their place in the home, feel stability and grounded, which is so important in todays fast paced world! This all starts with you, the parent. Below are some tips on how to bring structure, balance and positivity into your happy home!

1. Create a chalkboard with an easy daily routine. Ours says something like this:

  • Hygiene
  • Breakfast
  • Critter care
  • Meditate
  • Stretching
  • Chores
  • School
  • Sports

2. Stick with it! Consistency creates structure, and once you veer off the route, it is harder to get back on track and it shows them that it’s ok to deviate or ignore their routine. As a mom of 5, i can tell you that this method DOES work! Of course, there are exceptions for holidays and such. Just go with it!

3. Failure to comply means consequences, the C word! In our home when one of the kids do something that is not kind, or disrespectful, they either work or write. Working, especially outside, gives them a time to reflect on what has happen but also gets them out in nature, which is truly rebalancing in and of itself. If they cannot be outside being productive, another consequence is writing. I do not have them “negative” write, ie: “I will not swear at my sister”, or “I will not hit my brother”- but instead, in the positive, ie: “I only use kind words to all” or “My actions are always kind”. When we write, we are programming our minds. Let’s program them in the POSITIVE!

4. Praise. Hey, growing up is not always easy. LOTS to learn and re-learn. We have to remember how important love, praise and affection is to our children. Take time to look them in the eye, physically put your hand on their heart and tell them how important they are in your world and the world. Tell them how amazing they are, they really need to hear that. I believe that MOST adult issues stem from a disconnect or trauma in childhood. To raise a healthy minded adult, we need to remember that it all starts with LOVE, and at HOME.



Karen Barski, RN, BSN
Mom of 5, Wife to Stash

Level 4 Reiki Master • Law of Attraction Coach • Meditation Instructor • Emotion Code Practitioner • Infant Care Specialist
President of Woombie USA • Karen Barski Designs LLC