The Metaphysical Mom: Teaching Your Child to Meditation

Welcome  to  this  weeks  blog  on Child Meditation!

Simple Meditation
I recommend starting your child at 2 years of age or even less. What children ‘see and do’ as young children engrains In their consciousness
  1. Wash your hands with cool water to start, this disconnects “other” peoples and objects energy from your field
  2. Put on white noise to buff out sharp noises in the environment
  3. Sit up straight, criss-cross legs and palms facing up or hands clasping each other
  4. Chose a mat that will soon trigger a calmness just by seeing it, such as a Mindfulness Mat or ZenMat
  5. Set a timer for 5 minutes, ages 2-6 and 10 minutes for 7-12.
  6. Sit in a quiet place where you are comfortable closing your eyes.
  7. Repeat a mantra, a few that work well for children are “calm”, “relax”, or “peace”. You can also count your breaths up to 10 and then repeat. IE: Inhale 1, exhale. Inhale 2, exhale. Inhale 3, exhale….
  8. Practice this daily, preferably in the morning right out of bed. It takes your child from an already restful space and reinforces it in the awake stage. It can also be repeated before bedtime for improved sleep!
  9. Remember to teach your children to “Mind Their Minds”, more about this in another blog!
  10. Any questions, please email

Namaste! xx