Top Baby Sleep Mistakes

baby sleepAs a new parent, you would probably agree that most people take basic things like sleeping and showering for granted before they have a newborn! Experts say that when it comes to baby sleep, a large part of baby sleep problems might actually be some of the following common mistakes made by new parents. While some may just contribute to your own sleep deprivation, others could lead to serious harm. Read on to avoid these all too common baby sleep mistakes!


  1. Not Having a Consistent Routine

Not only should bedtime be at the same exact time each day, but the events leading up to bed should be the same, and in the same order. Over time, this will help signal to your baby that it’s time to relax and sleep. Putting baby to bed early, even if you only have a few hours to spend together after work, is vital.


  1. Ineffective or Unsafe Swaddling

If you’ve tried swaddling with a traditional baby swaddle, you know that ineffective wrapping technique, and even sometimes the best technique, can lead to unraveling. This not only creates a situation where baby is going to sleep more sporadically, but can create life-threatening conditions that could lead to overheating or suffocation. The Woombie zips baby safely and easily and with a comfortable stretchy fit for a longer, safer sleep!


  1. Avoid Sleepy Time Distractions

Mobiles, toys (on the outside of the crib), and light music might seem like a cute way to help your baby relax and fall asleep, but experts say the best sleeping environment is actually simply a pitch-black room with white noise to block out street or other outside noise. Since the brain senses that it’s time to sleep when it’s dark, cute night lights can actually cause a sleep distraction and light music machines can cause a baby to stay up longer.


  1. Avoid Falling Asleep with Newborn in Arms on the Couch or in Recliner

As soothing as it may be to fall asleep cuddling baby, you should always put baby safely to sleep in a Woombie swaddle, on her back, in a crib without any toys or other materials. Falling asleep with baby in your arms leads to the high risk of smothering or dropping her accidentally.


  1. Always Put Baby to Sleep While She is Relaxed and Tired, but Still Awake

It’s important that you don’t get into the habit of having baby rely on a bottle, rocking, or being held as a means of getting baby to sleep before bedtime. These are all great activities as part of a bedtime routine, but baby should always be placed in her crib drowsy but awake. This will lead to a better, longer sleep and helps avoid reliance on a certain activity to fall asleep.


best baby swaddleWritten by Karen Barski, BSN, RN, Mother of five, Certified Infant Care Specialist & Instructor, & Inventor of the  Woombie Baby Swaddle

Karen has been an RN for 22 years, and has worked in many different nursing roles. As a Certified Infant Care Specialist, Karen counsels thousands of families yearly on a multitude of issues relating to pregnancy and infancy. Also, as a mother of five, she has invaluable experience and tips to share.

Since 2007, Karen’s company, KB Designs, has invented a line of signature baby swaddle products that have helped parents easily transition their new babies from womb to home. There are multiple designs and sizes so that babies can enjoy the comfort and security of the Woombie up until the time they begin to roll.

Each product has been created and designed by Karen because of a need she identified in her life with her five children. With convenience, safety, and fashion in mind, KB Designs has helped over a million babies and counting!

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