Why a Backyard Swimming Pool is the Right Choice For Your Family

A backyard swimming pool is no small investment. From worrying over maintenance costs to wondering if your money will be well spent, there is a lot to consider when installing a pool for your family on your property.  Fortunately, a personal swimming pool has inarguable benefits that make the investment more than worthwhile. Here are just a few of the reasons why installing a backyard pool is a solid, valuable decision for you and your family.


Reduce Screen Time
In the digital age, it’s easier than ever to spend countless hours glued to the couch scrolling on various devices. There are few kids, even teenagers, who would pass on the opportunity to spend time in a pool. With a backyard pool, your kids have an enticing alternative to otherwise wasting valuable daylight hours on their phones. With the promise of more active, outdoor time for your kids, you’ll be looking up “pool builders near me” in no time.


Encourage Water Safety
It may seem counterintuitive, but having a pool on your property actually increases water safety awareness for your whole family. Just as your home has rules, informing your family of the risks and hazards of the pool area encourages the kids to be mindful and aware of staying safe while playing in and around the pool. Your kids are far more likely to spend their summer days poolside, so you’ll nearly always be able to know where they are and keep an eye on them.


Strengthen Community
For school club gatherings, neighborhood barbecues, birthday parties and sport team banquets, your pool could play host to some of the most notable get togethers of your child’s life. Swimming pools are always excellent gathering places for a variety of occasions, increasing bonds between your family, friends and neighbors.


Promote Quality Time
With busy schedules, it can be tricky to find time to plan outings and put together ideas for quality time with your family. A pool takes a great deal of the planning and guesswork out of planning fun, enjoyable times with your family. From watching choreographed synchronized swimming routines to sharing enjoyable conversations in lounge chairs, a personal pool facilitates the creation of invaluable memories for the whole family.


Provide Simple Entertainment
If you, like any other parent, are drained by the frequent exclamations of boredom uttered by your children, a pool offers a solution. Your own backyard pool is always there as a recreation option for your family, which comes in handy at times when making trips to the water park, movie theater or vacations aren’t feasible. A pool has many uses, too. You and your kids may find themselves simply calmly floating on a few pool toys at times, and the next day practicing new dives.


Boost Physical Health
Swimming is an excellent way to get your heart rate up, as it’s one of the most effective forms of aerobic exercise that is also easy on your muscles and joints. Kids don’t need any instructional videos or parental encouragement to get their blood pumping either. With a swimming pool, exercise often happens organically, and when the kids learn to swim, making laps around the pool can keep them in strong and in shape for their other extracurricular activities, too.


Make Memories
Just as you remember summer days spent at the pool with family and friends as a child, so will your kids. Even long after your kids move away or outgrow their pool toys, they’re sure to fondly remember all the good times spent at home in your backyard pool. Swimming pools provide more than aesthetic and fitness value for your family. They are focal points for positive, lively moments that stay with every member of your family for years to come.


With the promise of fun, connection, activity and relaxation, the benefits of having your own pool are many. A custom pool in your own backyard can spell lifelong gains for you and your family, and installing your own is an investment in connection and opportunities that will bond everyone in your family through shared experiences and wonderful times spent together.