10 Breastfeeding Must Haves to Make Nursing Easier and More Comfortable for Moms

World Breastfeeding Week is fast approaching and the annual celebration held from the 1st to 7th of August encourages mothers to exclusively breastfeed for the first six months of life, which yields tremendous health benefits and provides infants with critical nutrients and protection from diseases to foster growth and development. This public health awareness event aims to increase the number of infants under six months who are exclusively breastfed by continuing to promote and support breastfeeding awareness. There are several products on the market today that promote breastfeeding and are made to provide support and comfort to breastfeeding mothers. These top ten nursing products help make nursing easier and more comfortable for breastfeeding mothers:


1. San Diego Bebe(R) Eco-Nursing Pillow

San Diego Bebe video.jpg

The San Diego Bebe Eco-Nursing Pillow is a supportive pillow for breastfeeding mothers with amazing features for discreet nursing and is also the first baby-safe, foam-free, non-toxic nursing pillow on the market. Made with Eco*Loft(TM) Fiber, the pillow is free of fire-retardant chemicals, hypo-allergenic, odor-free, glue-free, lead-free and Phthalate-free. It is available for a single baby and for twins.

$59.99 – $79.99



2. Babee Covee

Babee Covee Blanket.jpg

The Babee Covee is a versatile baby blanket and cover that has six uses in one! Voted a top ten nursing cover by The Bump calling Babee Covee “the most versatile nursing cover,” this baby gear must-have can easily transform from a car seat cover to a nursing cover on the fly whenever needed. This award-winning baby gear eliminates the need to buy, pack and carry bulky single purpose items while protecting baby from germs where ever you go.

The Babee Covee can be used as: 1) car seat “tent” cover 2) stroller cover/blanket 3) shopping cart cover 4) high chair cover 5) nursing cover and 6) playtime blanket.

Babee Covee allows proper ventilation for baby to breathe easily, protects baby from the elements, and allows mom to peek in and ensure baby’s comfort.

$39.99 – $49.99



3. Nizo Wear Nursing Bra

serenity nursing bra.jpg

Nizo Wear nursing bras feature a unique patented pocket in the pull down flap that can hold a warm or cool pack. The pocket acts as a thin barrier between wearer’s skin and the heating or cooling pack, which increases comfort and safety. The Nizo Wear design has removable molded cups and the pocket also holds a nursing pad. In addition to the innovative functionality, Nizo Wear is made from amazingly soft fabrics and designed with lace, rhinestones, playful prints, and shapely lines to help moms feel stylish and good again — even when nursing.

Nizo Wear nursing bras currently come in three feminine styles: the Serenity Nursing Bra, Solace Nursing Bra, and the Allure Nursing Bra.

$19.99 – $29.99


4. Lansinoh(R) Soothies (R) Gel Pads

Lansinoh Soothies.jpg

Soothies by Lansinoh Gel Pads provide instant, cooling relief to breastfeeding mothers with sore nipples. These safe, reusable and absorbent gel pads soothe and protect the delicate nipple area to enhance breastfeeding success.




5. Organic Mother’s Milk Tea

mothers milk.jpg

Organic Mother’s Milk tea promotes healthy lactation and is traditionally used to increase breast milk production. This traditional combination of anise, fennel and caraway has been in continuous use for centuries by European women, often recommended by lactation counselors and medical herbalists. Unless prescribed otherwise, drink one cup of freshly prepared tea 3 to 5 times daily throughout your nursing experience.




6. Woombie Air Wrap

woombie air wrap.jpg

Woombie Old Fashioned Air Wrap(R) is the first breathable nursing cover and has multiple uses such as a baby swaddle and a nursing cover for breastfeeding mothers.

The Woombie Old Fashioned Air Wrap(R) is a safer alternative to the newer baby swaddles on the market. It is made of 100% organic cotton breathable fabric and offers a new edge to the traditional square blankets with an innovative venting system. As the first ventilated swaddle blanket it allows for excess heat to escape to regulate baby’s body temperature while swaddled to keep your baby cooler (overheating is a risk factor in SIDS.) This cooling technology is perfect for babies under a nursing cover to ensure they do not overheat.




7. House of Botori Eneehi Nursing Clutch

House of Botori Nursing Clutch.jpg

The House of Botori Eneehi Nursing Clutch provides mothers with the comfort and modesty they deserve while helping them feel feminine and pretty. It fits comfortably so moms can discreetly feed baby and preserve their modesty in any public setting. Baby can breathe easily through the lightweight cotton fabric and you can peek in to make sure baby is feeling comfortable. When it comes to nursing, House of Botori has got you covered.



8. Buzzy

Buzzy Pain Relief.png

Buzzy is a new reusable device that combines a vibrator and an ice pack for natural pain relief by desensitizing your body’s own nerves. Buzzy was originally created to help ease the stinging pain of shots but the device is now used for everything from itching to splinters to even the blocked milk ducts of breastfeeding mothers. Moms have reported that Buzzy can help reduce the heat from the inflammation associated with plugged ducts which can help to unplug the milk duct to provide pain relief. Mothers have used it to relieve their plugged ducts and also to relieve the pain of cracked nipples.




9. La Leche League’s Wireless All Lace Nursing Bra

La Leche Nursing Bra.jpg

This beautifully corded lace bra is soft and easy to wear to provide comfort to nursing mothers. It has an easy drop cup and adjustable straps. Soft cotton blend lining and pretty soft lace frame makes this bra a must-have for nursing.



10. QT Chemise with Lace Trim

QT Chemise.jpg

You don’t have to be a nursing mom to wear this easy pullover chemise with lace trim. It comes in a pretty animal print with roses or solid black with pink lace trim. Comes in 31″ length and has a drop top for easy nursing.



Alma MoussaGuest Post by Alma Moussa, Inventor of Babee Covee 

Invented by accident during a playdate by two California moms, Alma Moussa and Romeda Arsanjani, RN, the 6-in-1 Babee Covee is a versatile baby blanket and cover that eliminates the need to buy, pack and carry bulky single purpose items and provides a clean, germ-free area for baby/toddler where ever you go. Voted as a top 10 baby shower gift by Bump to Baby, a top five must have for traveling with baby, and featured twice on Good Morning America, the trendy Babee Covee saves time, money and space for busy parents on the go, and best of all no more overflowing diaper bag!

Especially useful during family vacation travel, the trendy Babee Covee can be used as: 1) car seat “tent” cover 2) stroller cover 3) shopping cart cover 4) high chair cover 5) nursing cover and 6) playtime blanket.

Visit www.babeecovee.com for more information.


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