7 Tricks and Treats for Mom and Baby

best product for momsMoms always want the best for their babies to ensure that they are safe and happy. There are several luxury baby items on the market today designed to provide comfort and security for little ones while remaining affordable for any mom. Just as importantly, moms shouldn’t forget to give themselves credit for all the hard work they do! They can reward themselves with a little pampering by picking up a few of the items featured on our top 7 treats list and watch out for those tricks too!

Treat #1: San Diego Bebe Eco-Nursing Pillow

The San Diego Bebe(R) Eco-Nursing Pillow is a supportive pillow for breastfeeding mothers with amazing patented features for discreet nursing, and is the first and only baby-safe, foam-free, hypo-allergenic, non-toxic nursing pillow on the market. Made with Eco*Loft(TM) Fiber, the pillow is free of fire-retardant chemicals, and is odor-free (no off-gassing from chemical additives), glue-free, lead-free and Phthalate-free. It is available for a single baby and for twins! With San Diego Bebe(R), moms can have comfort, privacy, and convenience anytime they need to nurse.

$59.99 – $79.99


TRICK: Many baby products are made with foam and require fire-retardant chemicals which can not only cause a strange smell (due to off-gassing), but studies have shown that these chemicals are doing greater harm than good to the health and well-being of the families exposed to these chemicals. Scientists and health advocacy groups are finally asking, “What’s really important? Saving “things” or saving the health of families?” A Duke University study recently unveiled this and applauds San Diego Bebe(R) for producing a high-quality nursing pillow without using harmful chemicals. Learn more here.

Treat #2: Nizo Wear Nursing Bras

Breastfeeding can cause some discomfort which can deter moms from continuing to nurse their new baby. A perfect solution is Nizo Wear nursing bras which feature a unique patented pocket in the pull down flap that can hold a warm or cool pack. The Nizo Wear design has removable molded cups and the pocket also holds a nursing pad. In addition to the innovative functionality, Nizo Wear is made from amazingly soft fabrics and designed with lace, rhinestones, playful prints, and shapely lines to help moms feel stylish and good again — even when nursing.

Nizo Wear nursing bras currently come in three feminine styles: the Serenity Nursing Bra, Solace Nursing Bra, and the Allure Nursing Bra.

$19.99 – $29.99

TRICK: Many women are unsure how to accurately determine their bra size, especially new moms whose milk has just come in (you may feel like a foreign visitor in your own body). One very helpful tip is to wear a NON-padded bra to your nursing bra fitting (or when you measure yourself). Even a thinly padded bra can make your bust seem almost an inch larger, which will make your cup size off by an entire size! For more sizing tips check out Nizo Wear’s fitting room FAQ’s: http://nizowear.com/faqs/

Treat #3:  Babee Covee

The Babee Covee is a versatile baby blanket and cover that has SIX baby gear uses in ONE! Whether used to shield your baby from weather elements year round, from the paparazzi, or keeping your baby asleep, this award-winning, must-have baby gear eliminates the need to buy, pack and carry the long list of bulky single use items; no more overflowing diaper bag, no more blanket falling off the car seat or stroller, and no more germs on publicly shared items! This is a definite solution for mom and baby. Use coupon 5BABEE for $5 off.

$39.99 – $49.99

TRICK: Draping a blanket over the car seat or stroller is common but don’t be fooled! The slightest gust of wind can blow the blanket right off leaving your cute baby blanket on the ground or even worse in a puddle! Not to mention your baby will be exposed to sun, wind, rain, snow or people. Also, there are many car seat covers, shopping cart covers, and high chair covers on the market. Often they will not stay put which is important with all the kicks and wiggles. And why buy all these single use items when all you need is Babee Covee?

Treat #4: Woombie Air Baby Swaddle

The Woombie Air ® is a new breathable swaddle for babies that allows for proper ventilation and helps regulation of body temperature. Swaddling is a great way to help babies sleep and is used to calm fussy babies. The unique peanut-shaped design requires no wrapping and is the safest and most comfortable swaddle for baby. Gently hugging baby to recreate the security and comfort of the womb, the soft 4-way stretch Bebeflex (TM) fabric allows baby to move naturally without pinning baby’s arms to the side. Woombie Air with Tru Air (TM) technology is perfect for all seasons and is super easy to use – just put baby in, zip and snap! No wrapping required.


TRICK: Swaddling is an age-old technique however traditional swaddle blankets are not easy to use and if wrapped too tightly can limit baby’s mobility and cause hip dysplasia. Additionally, overwrapping can cause overheating which is linked to SIDS. Through various methods of feedback and focus groups, Woombie inventors have discovered that the infants’ most preferred and optimal hand/arm position when swaddling is over the heart! So remember, no arms pinned to the side when swaddling! Learn more about the Hands Over Hearts charity campaign here.

Treat #5: House of Botori Amara Shoulder Bag

House of Botori is kicking bland to the curb!  Recently named a top diaper bag pick by Bay Area Parent magazine, the fashionable, functional Amara Shoulder Bag offers eleven roomy compartments to help mom stay organized on the go. With four exterior and seven interior pockets, there’s plenty of room for all your loot and then some. The signature interior pocket design keeps everything in its place.


Trick: Many diaper bags are seriously blah! Just because you have a new baby does not mean you should hang up your style and fashion or pack the entire world in your bag. Do not be tricked into settling for any diaper bag or packing unnecessary items. Not only is style important but organization is a must. Some diaper bags are not roomy enough and some too small. House of Botori bags are perfectly-sized with just the right amount of room for necessities and the style to keep mom and dad excited about a diaper bag. Really choose a diaper bag that looks good and is functional. Sign up for House of Botori’s newsletter and receive 25% off.

Treat #6: Swathe Travel and Fashion Accessories

Swathe offers unique travel and fashion accessories for a stylish way to store your favorite items. Each product has a special treat in store, including the handbag and shoe covers, which has their signature see-through window to locate your item quickly. All products can be monogrammed for a personalized touch too!

$18.00 – $26.00

Trick: Using plastic and other disposable material to protect your accessories and footwear prohibit air circulation, not to mention these options are not environmentally friendly.

Treat #7: The Diaper Clutch

The Diaper Clutch is a mom-invented stylish carrying case for diapers and wipes with a first of its kind easy access wipes window. Lift the flap and there’s your wipe. No more rummaging to find the wipes and a diaper when “doodie” calls. Easy one-hand access makes diaper changes quick and convenient all without leaving fashion behind. Like The Diaper Clutch on Facebook to enter a monthly giveaway.


Trick: Don’t get bogged down with diapers and wipes every time you have to go out. Less bulk is best. Take what you need and make sure you are look fashionable while doing it! Also, don’t get caught with messy (sticky) fingers…grab a wipe easily and quickly with the easy access window!

organic nursing pillowWritten by Sandy Clark, Inventor of San Diego Bebe Eco-Nursing Pillow

San Diego Bebe® was designed by San Diego native Sandy Clark, a passionate breastfeeding advocate and mother of twins. Clark was inspired at a San Diego beach one day where she witnessed a young mother unsuccessfully nursing her baby. As the mother struggled to keep a blanket across her shoulder while her baby wailed from heat and hunger, Clark vowed then and there to design a product that would help resolve the issue of privacy while nursing. San Diego Bebe® was born that day.

When Clark sent her organic nursing pillow to Duke to be tested and reviewed, Duke University Chemical Scientist Dr. Heather Stapleton, who is a mother herself, said, “The San Diego Bebe® Eco-Nursing Pillow is not only a very supportive pillow with amazing features for discreet nursing, but is also free of flame-retardant chemicals that have been shown to cause adverse health effects in animal studies. I applaud Double Blessings [Clark’s company] for taking steps to produce high quality products that meet the same flammability standards without using these chemicals.”

San Diego Bebe® Eco-Nursing Pillow is the healthiest and most innovative nursing pillow on the market. Made with virgin polyfiber Eco*Loft™, a non-toxic and hypo-allergenic foam-alternative, it’s void of harmful chemicals. It’s also recyclable and eco-friendly. San Diego Bebe® is available in two versions, for nursing one baby or twins. The entire line is baby-safe, and is covered with deluxe plush fabrics including organic cotton.

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