Valentine’s Day Gifts for Baby

Valentine’s Day is the holiday best known for celebrating and spending time with the one you love. While many of us usually turn to our sweethearts, parents have another option! This Valentine’s Day, make your child your special-someone. They’ll love the attention and affection and hopefully return your thoughtfulness in years to come. Here are … Continued

Snow Globe Within a Snow Globe

This is Crafty CiCi! I take after my great papa, we LOVE snow globes. Nana and I thought it would be fun to make our own snow globe but with a little twist since you know I am crafty and all. It only took Nana and I 15 minutes to make our Snow Globe and … Continued

30 Blogs With Ideas For Family Fun

Spending time together as a family seems to be more difficult for today’s parents and children than it was for past generations. Between the demands of a career and running a household, parents have less free time on their hands, while their kids are so loaded with academic responsibilities and extracurricular activities that they seem … Continued

How to Make LEGO Themed Costumes

These days it seems you can’t throw a stake without hitting a teen Vampire or, at least, a film about one. They’re everywhere and have certainly proved to be the fictional character that refuses to die. Come Halloween the streets are positively littered with mini-me versions of the Count and his entourage. OK, so the … Continued