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Treating Infant Torticollis

Does my baby have Torticollis? Torticollis is a common condition among infants. Don’t worry, there are many different ways to prevent and correct this issue. Torticollis can basically cause an infant to hold her head tilted and/or turned to one side instead of centered in the middle. Due to the tight neck muscles forming and … Continued

What to do When Your Child Has Chickenpox

Chickenpox were once an inevitable part of childhood that required serious medical attention. Today however, most healthy children can be treated at home after a brief meeting with a doctor. When their chickenpox (varicella) is treated straight away, those horrifying complications many of us recall from childhood can all be avoided. You can take some … Continued

6 Ways to Deal With Colic in Babies

As you may very well know by now, babies are tough little individuals to keep happy at all times. The most inevitable action of a newborn baby is that they will cry. Sometimes, babies will cry even more than normal when they experience the pains of colic. A baby who suffers from colic will need … Continued

5 Ways to Treat Your Baby’s Eczema

It’s very common for babies to develop red, crusty patches of skin during the first few months of life. For some babies it will last into adolescence but for others they will outgrow it. It can appear anywhere on baby and the skin will appear dry and rough. Typically eczema will show up on baby’s … Continued

7 Ear Infection Symptoms to Look Out For

Ear infections are a common problem that young children face. The canal that connects the middle ear to the throat is a breeding ground for bacteria. In a small area (like a baby’s head), fluid collects and transfers bacteria around. As a baby grows, her inner parts enlarge and bacteria can’t traverse as easily. As … Continued