How to Practice A Mindful Pregnancy?

How to Practice A Mindful Pregnancy? Pregnancy is an exhilarating time in any woman’s life but equally stressful leading to depression and anxiety. So, as the popular belief it is not glowing radiant skin for 40 weeks, but many shades in between before you meet your bundle of joy. According to the Centre for Disease … Continued

The BEST Kids Morning Smoothie EVER!

By Karen Barski, RN BSN, High Energy Mom of 5 As a busy mom of 5, I am always looking for a way to feed the kids quickly but at the same time super healthfully. Smoothies are a go-to meal every morning for our family. Stores are filled with sugary toxic breakfasts- I mean who … Continued

Do I Really Need It? 5 Things New Moms Need to Prioritize

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels Welcoming a new little one into the world can be one of the greatest and most rewarding moments we get to experience during our lifetime. But along with the excitement of adding to your family—there can be many moments of stress, doubt, and uncertainty. Does any new mom really … Continued


Before we become parents, we have a vague idea that we’re not going to get as much sleep as we used to. We hear phrases like, “Sleep when the baby sleeps” or “Sleep now while you can, because you won’t get any when the baby arrives!” While there might be slight truth to some of … Continued