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4 Tips To Achieve a Successful Breastfeeding Diet

A healthy and active pregnancy begins with a balanced diet full of nutritious foods. That said, expectant mothers remain familiar with the countless dietary restrictions pregnancy requires. For nine months, food rules abound, as women learn to avoid everyday eats like soft cheese, deli meats, certain seafood, and more. Further, doctors suggest limiting foods that … Continued

The 7 Benefits of Skin-to-Skin Contact

Skin-to-skin contact is the process of sitting quietly with your baby pressed directly against your bare chest. Baby should be naked (except for a diaper, let’s not be crazy!). In this position, baby can hear your heartbeat, breathing and blood flow. Essentially, you’re recreating the womb experience as much as you possibly can. You don’t … Continued

8 Tips for Nursing in Public

If you’re breastfeeding, you don’t want to be cooped up in the house all the time, so it’s inevitable that at some point you’ll have to nurse in public. That’s quite alright! Whether you’re a free-spirit who doesn’t mind exposing herself or you prefer to stay modest, you should nurse in whatever way makes you … Continued

7 Tips for Confident Nursing in Public

For some reason, women nursing in public seems to bother a lot of people. It’s not a crime, but the stigma many mothers face is one of the common reasons moms give up on breastfeeding and resort to formula. Moms feel compelled to leave the room, hide or just stay home all together. We need … Continued

7 Tips for Discreet Nursing in Public

For some reason, seeing a woman nurse in public bothers a lot of people. The stigma nursing mothers are forced to deal with is one the biggest reasons many give up entirely. Women know they should feel secure, but they don’t. As a community, it’s important we work together to make sure breastfeeding mothers feel … Continued