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How To Help Your Body Heal And Recover After Labor

Giving birth is no doubt an exciting event in your life, especially now that you have a brand new family member to love on. You might not be feeling like yourself though, and that’s understandable. After all, your body has just gone through a lot, and you are no doubt tired. Your body needs to … Continued

Safe Delivery: How You Can Prepare for a Home Birth

More and more mothers are considering having a home birth with their delivery for the comfort and privacy it offers. For many people, the home can be a more relaxing environment than visiting the hospital, with less people around and less hustle and bustle going on at all times. Others enjoy the natural experience that … Continued

Six Reasons to Break Up With Your Prenatal Caregiver

No doubt about it: Deep breathing, visualization and relaxation tools are powerful when it comes to having a positive birth. HypnoBirthing not only helped me, but hundreds of my couples to have comfortable, natural births. But the tools alone aren’t enough, and they won’t serve anyone who walks into the hands of an obstetrician with … Continued