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How to Stay Calm During Toilet Training

We all know how children of a certain age get into an endless loop of asking “Why?” It can be extremely annoying but it illustrates something in the nature of the child. Young children need reasons for doing things. “Because I said so!” is not helpful to them. If all of a sudden your pleasant … Continued

Diapering 101: Tips for the Four Stages of Diaper Changing

Changing a diaper sounds easy in theory. Remove soiled diaper, clean any mess, apply rash cream, affix new diaper. Presto! If only it was that simple. Diapering challenges change and evolve as baby grows. Here is what you can expect with your little one and some hints on making diapering a bit easier. Stage 1 … Continued

Why Consider Cloth Diapering?

I know what you’re thinking “Cloth Diapers” as in pins, plastic covers, swirling poop and gigantic baby booty right?!!  WRONG!!!  Cloth Diapers have come so far in ease, function, use and cuteness!  For the record it’s not just hippies that cloth diaper, modern working families are cloth diapering, stay at home parents are cloth diapering, … Continued