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10 Tips to Make Peace and Let Go of Labor Fear

There are times when as a natural childbirth instructor I have to tell my students, “Okay, I understand this may sound a little ‘hippie dippie’, but listen to what I’m about to say.” One of the times I hear myself utter this warning is for our discussion on fear in the laboring mother. Specifically, how … Continued

The Importance of Labor Support – Do I need a Doula?

Modernization has brought a double-edged sword to the well-being of humanity. On the one hand, modernization elevates us to new intellectual and technological heights that go beyond our wildest imagination. On the other hand, obsession with advancement has begun to cross into a delicate threshold of highly evolved biological processes that, when intervened upon, can … Continued

How Do You Doula? The Benefits of Hiring a Postpartum Doula

Motherhood can be confusing and intimidating even to experienced mothers, but motherhood for first timers can appear daunting. New mothers often fear making wrong decisions or failing to properly care for their newborn, so these mothers often need help adjusting to life as a parent. Postpartum doulas can help new moms who are in this … Continued