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8 Ways to Raise Eco-Minded Kids

If you’ve ever used a naughty word, you know your childrens’ minds are like sponges. They pick everything up, regardless of whether you like it. But that means they are the perfect students, collecting information as quickly as they can. So it’s a great time to instill healthy habits you want them to keep forever, … Continued

7 Environmentally Conscious Brands for Baby and Toddler

When it comes to picking out products for baby, parents often prefer to choose organic items because of the benefits they have for baby. Organic children’s clothing is safe for baby’s sensitive skin as it is manufactured without pesticides that can irritate the skin. Other products found in the nursery can contain toxic chemicals that … Continued

Is the Air Quality of Your Home Good for Baby?

Environmental conditions for a newborn baby can be quite acute. Everything from the cleanliness of the home to the quality of air can greatly impact a child that has never experienced the world before. The air that you breathe can have a profound result on your infant even though you are unaffected. While everyone knows … Continued

12 Ways Moms Can Be Greener in 2014

These days it’s easier for parents to live a greener lifestyle and teach their families to be environmentally conscious. There are so many ways that you can make a difference and make small lifestyle changes in order to help save and protect the earth. For moms this includes buying products that are eco-friendly, making your … Continued