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3 Simple Ways To Keep Your Kids Active

As a parent, a big part of your responsibility is to make sure your kids are safe, happy and healthy. This overall sense of well-being can be fostered in many ways and everyone’s experiences will be different. A huge part of health stems from plenty of physical activity, which will also vary depending on the … Continued

How To Get Back to Your Pre-Baby Weight

Celebrities make it look so easy. Famous women often grace the covers of popular magazines, looking fit and svelte seemingly days after giving birth to a newborn child. But make no mistake; getting in-shape after nine long months of pregnancy is far from simple. Not only do child-bearing months zap your energy and take a … Continued

Get Your Body Back After Pregn

Just like all moms, working out after your pregnancy is either manageable for you, or you struggle to get the job done. Whether you are a seasoned vet in the gym who became a mommy or quite the contrary, it doesn’t hurt to be more efficient in your practice and technique. Here are four solid … Continued

Perifit Review, 5 Stars!

As a mom of 5 you had better believe this is a tool and practice that is of uber importance!   Vaginal births + age + genetics can lead to pelvic issues which is not something any woman wants!  So What is Perifit? Perifit is a connected Kegel exerciser that lets you control video games … Continued

5 Simple Pregnancy Workouts to Keep Mom Active

All the experts agree that once you become pregnant, it’s healthy to keep getting exercise. Not only will a regular exercise routine keep you feeling healthy throughout your term, but it will make labor easier too. Fortunately, you don’t need a gym membership or fancy equipment. Exercise can be had right in the comfort of … Continued