Perifit Review, 5 Stars!

As a mom of 5 you had better believe this is a tool and practice that is of uber importance!   Vaginal births + age + genetics can lead to pelvic issues which is not something any woman wants!  So What is Perifit? Perifit is a connected Kegel exerciser that lets you control video games … Continued

5 Simple Pregnancy Workouts to Keep Mom Active

All the experts agree that once you become pregnant, it’s healthy to keep getting exercise. Not only will a regular exercise routine keep you feeling healthy throughout your term, but it will make labor easier too. Fortunately, you don’t need a gym membership or fancy equipment. Exercise can be had right in the comfort of … Continued

7 Benefits of Mommy & Me Classes

You might be anxious to get back to your pre-pregnancy body, but many moms find it hard to get in a workout after the arrival of their new baby. We often put the demands of our children before our own. The simplest solution, then, is to take care of both needs at the same time. … Continued

Three Easy Steps to Fit in a Mommy Workout

Once you’ve gotten into a working mom routine, it’s difficult to add anything else to your schedule. As soon as you get home from work, you want to spend much-needed time with your little ones. After you put them to sleep you clean house, finish chores, and get ready for the following day. So how … Continued

Healthy Pregnancy Tips

Tell ten people that you are expecting a baby and you are likely to get dozens of tips and words of advice from each of them. Though you might love that everyone wants to be sure that you and your growing baby are as healthy as possible, the information that you receive may not always … Continued