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8 of the Coolest Fashion Trends for 2021

After over a year of cozy, comfortable outfits designed for maximum work-from-home compatibility, clothing trends for the upcoming season are geared toward looking your best as you rejoin your social circles and spend more time out and about in the world. Like styles gone by, this season’s fashion has been heavily influenced by decades past, … Continued

Complete guide to stroller fans

Complete guide to stroller fans by Genius Sky July 23, 2021 13 min read   Summer heat doesn’t have to sabotage your routine of walking with stroller. A stroller fan could be what you need to keep baby cool when it’s hot outside.   What is stroller fan Why do you need a stroller fan Are stroller … Continued

Minimizing Stress as a New Mother

Your little bundle of joy has finally arrived, and you’re on cloud nine! There is truly nothing like being a new mother and experiencing life through your little one’s eyes. But, it isn’t all just peaceful nights and lullabies.   Motherhood comes with a lot of stress.   We’ve all seen the stereotype of the … Continued

4 Ways To Involve the Kids in Your Home Improvement Plans

With summer around the corner, people everywhere are looking to perform their annual spring cleaning, purge their homes of superfluous clutter, and tidy their living spaces room by room. For parents with young children, this task is significantly more difficult. Kids, constantly energized and eager to be involved, can quickly reverse their parents’ diligent cleaning … Continued