8 Multi-Tasking Tips for Busy Moms

For a modern mom, balancing a family, a career, and a personal life can seem impossible. It seems there’s always something to do. It challenging, but it can be done if you’re willing to multi-task. Here are some tips that might help. 1. Keep a to-do list – Our memories aren’t perfect, so we can … Continued

6 Ways for Parents to Get Some Much-Needed Sleep

Whether you have a newborn or an eight-month old, sleep comes at a premium. Even if you’re only getting up twice a night, it can sleep play havoc with your sleep schedule. Here are some simple adjustments you can make to get more sleep. 1. Get some rest while your baby sleeps I’m sure you’ve … Continued

8 Amazing Facts about Newborns

Having a baby is enough of a memorable experience to last for an entire lifetime. The truly remarkable aspect of birth is the newborn child that comes from it. Babies are so small in size, yet so big in importance and magnificence. We’ve compiled a list of the most amazing fun facts about these tiny … Continued

5 Steps to Teach Your Kids Patience

Children hate waiting. They can stand in line with you for only a few minutes before getting into trouble. Never bring them to the DMV! Waiting, unfortunately, is a hard fact of life and our kids need to learn to be patient. Whether we’re waiting for help, waiting our turn, or waiting for a colleague … Continued

5 Baby-Calming Remedies

Dealing with a fussy baby is tough for new parents. You’re never sure exactly what the problem is. Sometimes you just need to tend to one of their needs, other times you can’t figure it out. It’s awful, especially in public. Having a colicky baby is even worse, which leaves parents exhausted and tired. I’ve … Continued