The Metaphysical Mom: Raising ‘Out of the Box’ Kids, Part 2

Welcome back! This week let’s talk about the S word, STRUCTURE! We have all heard that children thrive on structure, and it is absolutely true! An organized space creates an organized mind… and a structured home creates a structured mind. Not only a structured mind, but a child that feels safe and secure- to the … Continued

8 Simple Ways to Help Out a New Mom

Remember when you were a new parent? “Exhausted” doesn’t even begin to describe it. You had no idea you could function on so little sleep. We all got through it, but we probably had some help from other people. If you have a new mom in your life, don’t let her go through this experience … Continued

6 Tips for Avoiding the Flu as a Family

Well, it’s flu season. The trouble with the flu is that it’s an ever-changing virus. Every year it’s different, that’s why we can get it over and over. It changes just enough to get by our bodies’ defenses. We make vaccines every year, but they’re ineffective the next year. A flu, while simple to treat, … Continued