7 Tips for Bathing Your Newborn

Parents are always overly cautious and worried about their newborn children. One of the more stressful moments is when it’s time to bathe your child for the very first time. Like most things, there’s nothing to worry about, but rather just a few specific steps to keep in mind. Here are some tips to bathing … Continued

Art of Playful Learning – Edutainment

How play is important for learning and cognitive development! The importance of play was first described by Dutch researcher Huizinga in his treatise; he refers to play as a “meaningful activity, which is carried out for its own sake; in a separate space and has separate time allotted for it”. The art of playful learning … Continued

5 Baby-Calming Remedies

Dealing with a fussy baby is tough for new parents. You’re never sure exactly what the problem is. Sometimes you just need to tend to one of their needs, other times you can’t figure it out. It’s awful, especially in public. Having a colicky baby is even worse, which leaves parents exhausted and tired. I’ve … Continued

Tips for Teaching Kids to Self-Dress

Many parents are excited when their children reach milestones like being potty trained, brushing their own teeth, and feeding themselves. Learning how to self-dress is another big milestone to be excited about as a parent. When your child can finally dress herself it’s a big step towards independence. Soon they will be picking out their … Continued