7 Parenting Mantras to Stay Positive

Parenting is a weird mix of frustration and delight, fear and joy. You’ll deal with tantrums, arguments, and injuries. But there’s also lots of hugs and smiles. When times are tough, sometimes you need to close your eyes and repeat some parenting mantras to refocus yourself on the positive. 1. “I am enough.” There’s a … Continued

Guide to Teaching Kids Table Manners

Good manners are skills that help your kid succeed in multiple areas of their life; in class, with friends, with future employers, etc. These good manners can start in your own home, and more specifically at the dinner table. If you teach your children how to behave properly at a young age, it’ll be sure … Continued

Tips for Teaching Kids to Self-Dress

Many parents are excited when their children reach milestones like being potty trained, brushing their own teeth, and feeding themselves. Learning how to self-dress is another big milestone to be excited about as a parent. When your child can finally dress herself it’s a big step towards independence. Soon they will be picking out their … Continued

5 Guidelines to Help New Parents

A new child will mean a whole new lifestyle for parents. This also brings along an entire new set of “rules” that you may have never known or thought about before having a baby. While there’s clearly no exact handbook or perfect guide to being a parent, there are certain aspects that every parent should … Continued

Modern Baby Names: Boy and Girl

While many baby names have remained very common throughout the years, there are certainly decade-specific names that were popular. From the 1920s through several future decades, Robert and John were popular for boys, and Mary was a clear-cut favorite for girls. Once the ‘60s came, Michael and Lisa started to see some popularity beating out … Continued