Different Sleeping Positions Benefits for Pregnant Moms

Motherhood reinvents a woman. It opens up a whole new chapter of her life where her world is no longer hers alone. This life journey is not without hardships and challenges. American actress and mother Ricki Lake sums up motherhood perfectly: “Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing.” The struggles start during pregnancy. … Continued

The 16 Healthiest Foods to Eat During Your Pregnancy

It’s important that you get the right foods during your pregnancy to give your baby the best start and protect yourself. It may be easy to eat sugar treats, but stick to these essentials and you’ll keep everyone healthy. 1. Salmon – It’s essential that you get enough healthy fats for the baby’s development and … Continued

The 5 Common Mistakes You Make While Potty Training

Potty training is one of the hardest things you’ll face with your toddler. You’ll probably hear moms brag that their kids just seemed to potty train themselves, but that rarely happens. There is a ton of potty training information (including some great potty training books) out there, yet parents are constantly making the same potty … Continued

Pregnancy Proofed Beauty Regimen

Pregnancy is a sensitive time for your body. If you aren’t careful, the smallest exposure to the wrong chemical can have detrimental effects on your baby’s development.  Pregnancy is a good time to let loose and go the low maintenance route, but for some us, we’d like to be as far away from looking like … Continued