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Taking Control of your Health During Pregnancy

When Serena Williams was pregnant with her daughter Olympia, she suffered a complication: a pulmonary embolism, or blood clot in her lungs. Pulmonary embolisms can be deadly, and Williams knew this: After all, she frequently suffers from potentially dangerous blood clots. Knowing her medical history, she went to the emergency room. She told them what … Continued

The Benefits of Massage Following Pregnancy

Many people have to deal with various issues after giving birth, including aches and pains like leg cramps and stomach cramps. Because pregnancy can impact the circulation, some even experience restless leg syndrome.   Though medications can help with these conditions, postpartum massage is a fantastic, natural way to ease pain, discomfort, and restlessness. It … Continued

Important Things to Know About Varicose Veins During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, one of the things that we easily notice is our varicose veins. They usually start in the second trimester and even get worse when the baby is due. So we completely understand how frustrating and irritating it is.   With that said, we have listed a few things you should know about varicose … Continued

How To Achieve Quality Sleep During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can take a toll on your body, and one of the most common problems expecting mothers face is fatigue. Your body requires sleep to house, nourish and grow your unborn baby, but these same processes make sleeping difficult. From hormonal changes to cramps and anxiety, a wide range of conditions can disrupt your rest … Continued

Tips For Dealing With the Baby Blues

Having a baby is a wonderful, life-changing event. While it brings with it many joys and pleasures, it can also bring many struggles. Whether you recently had your first baby or fifth baby, your body has gone through many transformations which can leave you feeling depleted. Numerous factors contribute to the baby blues. If you … Continued