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Teaching Your Kids Backyard Safety

These days, getting your kids out into the fresh air of the backyard is more important than ever. The lingering effects of COVID-19 have kept our families indoors more than we are used to, and at some point, it is nice to unplug and get the exercise and activity that we all thrive upon. However, … Continued

How to Keep Your Kids Safely Away From Electricity Dangers

Our world is full of appliances and products that use electricity, especially in and around our homes. We use electricity daily and value it for its usefulness in many ways. As adults, we are typically knowledgeable and careful enough to use electricity safely; however, kids are usually not aware of potential electrical dangers. They are … Continued

Keeping an Eye Out for Your Kid’s Visual Health

As a parent, you’re constantly looking after your child to make sure they’re healthy and happy. You take them to regular check-ups with their doctor, you make sure they’re eating right and getting enough physical activities. You may even consider their mental health as you try to reduce their stress levels and provide stability.   … Continued

Baby Safety Basics for Expectant Moms

 Safety Basics for Expectant Moms Preparing to take your baby home and raising them can be very exciting as well as challenging at the same time. As the primary caregivers of your baby, keeping your baby well-fed and safe are the top two priorities. Especially if you are a first-time mother, there are various new … Continued

Protecting Your Baby From Harmful Household Chemicals

Just keeping your home clean when you have a baby can be difficult; add in the challenge of keeping your baby safe from the harmful chemicals used for cleaning and other household projects can make it seem nearly impossible. Alleviating the risks of the harmful chemicals cannot get all of your chores done for you, … Continued