Safe Delivery: How You Can Prepare for a Home Birth

Safe Delivery How You can Prepare for a Home BirthMore and more mothers are considering having a home birth with their delivery for the comfort and privacy it offers. For many people, the home can be a more relaxing environment than visiting the hospital, with less people around and less hustle and bustle going on at all times. Others enjoy the natural experience that allows them to welcome their baby into the world right in the comfort of their own home. For those planning a home birth, there are a few steps to take for a more successful delivery.

Find a Midwife

The midwife you work with is one of the most important parts of having a home birth, and should be with someone you feel comfortable with. Choose a certified midwife that accepts your health insurance, or is one you can afford, if you have to pay out of pocket. The midwife should have experience and be able to provide references with other women she’s helped deliver. Schedule a few interviews to make sure you both feel comfortable around each other.

Determine the Best Location

One of the most important parts of the birthing process is having the baby in an area of the home you feel most comfortable in. From your bedroom, to a master bathroom, there are a few places to consider before you’re due. It’s important to put away linens, pillows, or rugs that may become stained during the delivery.

Find a Backup Hospital

Although it’s safe to assume that everything will go smoothly during the home birth, there should still be a backup hospital you can visit if complications occur. Have the number of an emergency transport service on hand, and find a doctor who can assist you at the location if you require medical assistance. A high risk maternal doctor, Gilbert Webb MD at HealthGrades recommends you visit the hospital nearest you so you can be sure they will help you should anything unexpected happen during the birth. You should have the car seat installed beforehand, and your vehicle filled with gas.

Research Birthing Tubs to Rent

If you’re considering having a water birth in your home, you’ll need to research birthing tubs that are available to rent. The product should comfortably accommodate two people, and should be able to fit in the space that you’ve designated for the delivery.

To ensure that you have a safe delivery at home, there are a few steps to take during your pregnancy to prepare for the birth and make you feel more comfortable. By having the proper equipment, a backup plan, and a midwife that you trust, it will make for an incredible experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Guest Blog by Brooke Chaplan, Freelance Writer and Blogger

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