Try These Outdoor Activities This Summer

Once you’ve lived through the harsh months of winter and the variable months of spring, summertime is your reward. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to let this special time slip away. While you certainly shouldn’t neglect work or chores, you should set aside some time specifically to enjoy time outdoors while you still can. Here are some outdoor activities you should try.

Outdoor Festival

When the weather warms up, many cities celebrate by putting on outdoor festivals. These may be put on by the city itself or a civic club or organization. They are often centered around a theme, such as a common food crop that is harvested in the summer. Sometimes the festival is a celebration of a particular culture, allowing members of the group to celebrate their heritage and others to learn more about it. Regardless, you’ll often have the opportunity to sample popular foods, hear live music, play games, and meet new people or spend time with friends.


There is nothing that makes you feel so connected to the world around you as sleeping out under the stars. Camping also helps you save on accommodations when you’re traveling, as campsites or cabins typically cost only a fraction of what a hotel room rental costs on a nightly basis. You don’t have to travel far to go camping, however. You may find a campground in your area or even pitch a tent in your own backyard.


There are many reasons while people seek out outdoor areas to go hiking. Some go for relaxation, while others seek adventure. Some want to get closer to nature, while others just want to add some variety to their workout routine.


There’s no bad reason to go hiking and plenty of natural areas in which you can enjoy a stimulating walk outside regardless of where you live. Hiking trails range in difficulty from the easy to the moderate to the strenuous. This is something you should research beforehand so you can be prepared. You don’t need a full backpack for a moderate day hike, but you should wear appropriate clothes and shoes and bring along water and a first aid kit, just in case. A walking stick might seem like an affectation, but it really can help you navigate steep or rugged terrain.


If you have the means, summer can be an opportunity to travel someplace you have never been and see something entirely new. However, even if you can’t travel, you can still go sightseeing. It can be easy to take your city for granted, going from work to home to your favorite haunts and back again. Chances are good that there are museums, parks, and other attractions in your own city that you have never seen before. Playing tourists in your hometown can be a lot of fun, and then when friends or family from out of town ask for recommendations, you can tell them what is worth seeing and maybe even play tour guide.

Horseback Riding

Horses are remarkable animals that have always shared a special connection with human beings. Riding a horse gives you a new perspective on the world around you. You don’t have to commit to an equestrian lifestyle, however. There are stables all around the country that keep horses for short-term rides. You may be able to ride on your own or with a guide, depending on your experience and preference.

Whale Watching

You may have to travel to go whale watching, or it may be available where you live. A charter boat ride for whale watching purposes can be expensive but well worth it when you see one of the largest animals in the world break the surface of the water.


Whale watching and horseback riding are special activities that may take some planning and expense. However, the others are things that you should be able to do anyway, no matter where you live or how much time you have to spend.