5 Tips to make Accessorizing Your Little Ones Safe, Easy and Fun!

I was in a store today wandering around the baby clothing and I saw a couple, expecting their first child, marveling at the clothes. “We have got to get this one,” they’d agree, “he will look so handsome in this!” Then they’d move a few steps further and discover another outfit, just as essential, for their new little boy. I watched them as they touched the clothes and saw how they would light up as they imagined their new son donning them for the first time. There is something magical about dressing and accessorizing our babies. We love to comb over their first little wisps of hair, or slip on shoes a little too big for their not‐yet‐walking feet. Here are five tips to helping you accessorize safely and easily –without breaking the bank!

1. A Little Accessory can go a long way

I remember bringing home my newborn baby girl from the hospital. I always thought I’d dress her up in her dresses right away, but I soon found she seemed most comfortable in her little jammies and onesies. So I kept her in her cozy clothes, but wanted to add a little feminine touch. She didn’t have a lot of hair, so hair clips slipped right out of her fine hair. Headbands were too big for her little newborn head, and often left a mark, making
me think they were uncomfortable for her. Then I discovered Girlie Glue. It is all natural, long lasting, and washes out with water, so I’d add a dab to a little ribbon bow and place it on her head. Instantly she looked so feminine, but still comfortable-and it was so easy! There was no need for a huge uncomfortable headband, the small little accessory added the feminine touch I wanted.

2. Sometimes the best accessories are made right at home.

There are so many darling hair accessories on the market for little girls. I found it could get expensive to buy accessories in all the colors I loved. I decided to create some of my own. I am not a crafty person, generally, so this is something anyone can do! You don’t even have to have clips or bands, as long as you have a tube of Girlie Glue. I bought some ribbon and tied small bows, bought felt and made small flowers. It wasn’t long
before I had a collection of accessories in colors to match all of her outfits—and at a fraction of the cost of buying them at a store.

3. Felt earrings add a little Glamour to unpierced princesses.

My nine year old daughter loves fashion. She is always putting together outfits and looking at clothes online. She is interested in earrings, but terrified of getting her ears pierced. Stick on earrings were always fun, but very short‐lived—until we found Girlie Glue. Now we create earrings out of felt. Flowers, circles, hearts—we’re always working on a new pair—and we stick a dab of Girlie Glue on the back of them. She presses them on her ear lobes and they stay there all day. It has made her feel so happy to have this new freedom to accessorize without having to pierce her ears. My little 2 and 4 year old nieces have started wearing them too and love to have big girl earrings

4. Boys love to Accessorize too!

I think my sons have loved dressing up even more than my daughter. I have a bin full of costumes I’ve picked up over the years—and they have been well loved and well‐worn. I’d recommend heading to your local box store after Halloween and picking up costumes for a bargain. Your kids will love them as much as any toy, and it will give them great opportunities to use their imagination. I also find that cutting a mustache out of black felt can serve as an easy costume (and transform a regular little boy into a pirate pretty quickly!) Use a little Girlie Glue to hold it in place and it’ll make imaginative play last longer! Girlie Glue gives a long lasting, all natural, but temporary stick for skin, hair, and fabric. It dissolves with water as soon as play time is over.

5. Let them express themselves in their fashion.

I discovered my son could put his own clothes on when he came in my room, all dressed for the day in a blue dress shirt with orange sweat pants. My initial reaction was to go choose another outfit for him immediately. Instead, I told him I was proud of him for learning to put on his own clothes. There are times when I need him to wear outfits that are more guided, but I’ve learned that as I’ve allowed him to express himself with his choice of fashion, he is more willing to let me teach him about combinations that go well together. If your little girl chooses her accessory all by herself, she is more likely to keep it in place! So if your little girl chooses a red bow to stick on, while wearing a pink dress, it’s okay to let her mismatch sometimes! My son feels pleased with his choices, and I’m pleased that that little boy I once dressed every day as a baby is growing up and learning to take care of himself. It happens so fast—so enjoy every minute!

Written by Jane Wells, VP of Operations at Girlie Glue

She is an amazing mother of 5(4 Boys and a Girl) and graduated in Elementary Education.   She taught third grade before she had her first baby when she decided to be a stay at home mom. She is not currently teaching but loves that she can manage Girlie Glue while still being home with her busy children.  She is clever, funny, and the best friend you could ask for.   Her secret talents include writing children’s books, editorials, and children’s songs.

For more information, visit www.girlieglue.com.

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