The 16 Healthiest Foods to Eat During Your Pregnancy

Healthiest Foods to Eat During Your PregnancyIt’s important that you get the right foods during your pregnancy to give your baby the best start and protect yourself. It may be easy to eat sugar treats, but stick to these essentials and you’ll keep everyone healthy.

1. Salmon – It’s essential that you get enough healthy fats for the baby’s development and your mood. Salmon is a great source of your omega-3s and has low amounts of mercury, so you don’t have to worry about harming the baby (just keep your intake under 12 ounces per week).

2. Sweet potatoes – This versatile starch comes with Vitamins A and C, folate, and fiber.

3. Yogurt – Opt for Greek yogurt, not the sugar stuff. It’s full of calcium you need to replace the calcium in your bones that the baby takes.

4. Broccoli – Fiber, calcium, vitamin C, and antioxidants in these, which is all great stuff. It also helps you absorb the iron you get from other sources.

5. Lean meats – Chicken, beef and turkey are good sources of iron (which you need plenty of) and protein. They’ll keep you energized and won’t go to your hips. You want cuts that are 95-98% fat-free.

6. Beans and lentils – These help you meet your increased protein demands. The fiber fights against constipation. They’re also cheap and easy to add to any dish.

7. Eggs – Eggs are another super food that we all should eat. They have essential amino acids and lots of protein by volume, plus 12 vitamins and minerals. Go ahead and pop three or four of these a day. Hard-boiled they make great snacks when you’re just too tired to cook.

8. Cheese – These are good ways to get calcium, protein and healthy fats. Soft cheeses are a big no-no for pregnant ladies.

9. Breakfast cereal – Look for the fortified kinds designed for pregnant women. They have increased folate and vitamin B.

10. Bananas – These are full of potassium and complex carbs for energy. (Tip: They’re usually easy to eat on a queasy stomach.)

11. Oatmeal – Start your day off with oatmeal for energy. The complex carbohydrates will satisfy you and the bran will keep your cholesterol low.

12. Nuts – Nuts have good fats which are super important for your baby’s developing brain. These are high in fat and calories, so you don’t need more than a serving per day. Any of the butter versions of nuts are also helpful.

13. Leafy greens – We should all be eating more of these. Kale and turnips are great sources of calcium. Spinach is a super food, it’s great for you in a number of ways with lots of folate, iron and fiber. Skip the light-colored greens for the darker stuff.

14. Soy – Soy is an excellent source of protein at 10 grams per half cup.

15. Whole-grain bread – The food pyramid we all learned in school isn’t that accurate anymore, so your diet shouldn’t be a majority of bread, but a little is good for a pregnant lady. Whole-grain bread has iron, zinc, and fiber.

16. Oranges – Vitamin C, fiber, folate, and a tonof water; that’s a great combination that keeps your energy up and empowers your immune system.

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