How To Get Back to Your Pre-Baby Weight

Celebrities make it look so easy. Famous women often grace the covers of popular magazines, looking fit and svelte seemingly days after giving birth to a newborn child. But make no mistake; getting in-shape after nine long months of pregnancy is far from simple. Not only do child-bearing months zap your energy and take a toll on your abdominals but finding time to diet and exercise with an infant is nearly impossible.  Baby steps is the name of the game where getting your body back is concerned and making a few daily adjustments can help put you on the right path to being a fit and healthy new mom.



As soon as your doctor gives you the green light, add regular walks to your daily schedule. Walking has numerous health benefits like increased cardiovascular health, elevated burned calories, and enhanced muscle tone. Bonus, walking is an activity that doesn’t require a babysitter. Just strap your newborn in the stroller, and off you go. Most babies love the movement created by rolling along the pavement, and often, walks lead to long and much-needed naps.

Not only is walking physically beneficial, but it also improves the mental state of postpartum mothers. Baby blues and postpartum depression are prevalent conditions in mothers during the early months following delivery, and walking is an excellent way to boost your mood and elevate your spirits.

Purchasing a mobile activity tracker will alert you to your daily steps and burned calories and help you to live a thrive life. What is thrive living like? It is a great way to build stamina, endurance, and strength.



As developing babies grow in utero, their maturing bodies weaken the muscles of the mother’s abdominal wall. This process results in a protruding postpartum belly that seems virtually impossible to reverse following delivery. Adding sit-ups and crunches to your daily fitness routine will help restore your abdominal muscles, allowing them to regain their original shape and strength.

Sometimes in pregnancy, a woman’s abdominals become separated. If you suspect you suffer from this condition, place your fingers above your navel as you practice a sit-up. If you detect a space between your stomach muscles, contact your doctor. He or she can recommend exercises to assist in bringing your abs back together again. Further, if your case is particularly severe, your physician can recommend physical therapy to aid in your recovery.



Breastfeeding abounds with benefits for both baby and mother. For your newborn, nursing provides organic, natural, and perfectly balanced food. For you, breastfeeding reduces the size of your enlarged uterus quickly and effectively. Additionally, exclusively breastfeeding your baby potentially burns an extra 600 calories per day. That is the equivalent of an entire lunch or dinner!

Ensure you maintain an appropriate caloric consumption while nursing your baby.  If you drastically cut your food intake, your milk supply could suffer as a result. Keep up the healthy food choices and wholesome snacking to keep your milk supply up and your weight down.


Strength Train

Walking is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise, but strength training is much more efficient where fat-burning and metabolism-boosting are concerned.

Expensive trainers and fancy fitness classes are challenging commitments for new and busy moms. Instead, pump up your daily workout regime by adding some at-home strength training intervals. Squats, lunges, planks, and push-ups are all quick and efficient exercises that are simple to complete while your baby naps.

If group fitness is your preference, several workout facilities offer classes that include both mothers and babies. Some pilates gyms allow new moms to rest their babies on the reformer machine, gliding the newbie back and forth as they build and tone their postpartum muscles. Is yoga more your speed? Look into studios that offer mommy-and-me classes, and bring your baby on your spiritual fitness journey.

While it may seem impossible to return to your pre-baby self, try to appreciate what your body has done for you in growing and delivering your precious bundle. It may not happen overnight, but with consistent diligence and steady perseverance, you will be sporting your pre-baby clothes sooner rather than later!