6 Crafts To Do as a Family

When it comes to activities you can do as a family, arts and crafts are usually a good choice. You guys get to make something together, not to mention that you’re encouraging creativity in your child! If you’re interested in crafts but don’t know what to do, here are six crafts to do as a family.

1. Winter Scarves

Doing a craft that makes something usable is incredibly rewarding. While you may not want to let your young one near a sewing machine, you can try making simple pieces like winter scarves. Start off by finding two long pieces of fleece fabric. The pieces should be sewn together down the middle, so determine whether your child is responsible enough to start hand sewing. Afterward, let your kid take safety scissors to the fabric and make some fringe! Just be sure that the stitches aren’t messed with. For even more fun, everyone in the family can make a matching scarf!

2. Pet Rocks

Pet rocks are a classic craft for kids, but making some can be fun for everyone in the family! Start off by finding smooth rocks that seem completely safe. The rocks should be big enough to be decorated, but not so big that a major injury could be caused. If you have very young ones or pets, you should also avoid any choking hazards. Once you find some rocks, make certain each one is cleaned thoroughly. For decorations, invest in some glue, googly eyes, and scrap fabric. If you want pet rocks that will last, you may want to use hot glue. In this case, be sure to watch the process closely or take over once the gluing starts. After everyone’s done, you’ll have a whole family of pet rocks!

3. Paper Plate Ring Toss

If you’re looking for a craft that can be enjoyed afterward, a paper plate ring toss may be the perfect option. Get some paper plates and have everyone cut out the middle. Once that’s done, start decorating your paper plate rings with markers. You can get creative by using some string or beads. When your rings are finished, you can use your craft to play horseshoes! Make a pole out of cans or something similarly shaped and start playing.

4. Chalk Drawing

When it’s a beautiful day outside, it may be the right time for chalk drawing! Get an array of chalk colors and find an area to draw on. For safety’s sake, it might be best to stick to your driveway. However, you could have more fun in a public park. If your kid is looking for inspiration, you could suggest self-portraits, animals or favorite characters. Try not to control what’s drawn. No matter how much planning you guys do, chances are your kid will get a new idea while drawing.

5. Family Tree

If you’re doing a craft as a family, what’s more fitting than a family tree? There are tons of ways to do this craft, so ask around to see which one is preferred. One of the more enjoyable options to try is hand painting. Paint a lovely tree and make the leaves out of everyone’s handprints! Once the paint dries, have your family sign the handprints and write ages as well. You could also make a tree out of photographs. Form the tree out of group photos and create leaves with individual shots. Whatever you do, make sure everyone has a personalized spot on the tree.

6. Homemade Trophies

Competing as a family is a classic activity, especially if you guys love sports. You can make this competition more creative by having everyone make homemade trophies. Find discardable items from your home. Look for water bottles, scrap fabric, cardboard and paper. By using some tape and glue, you guys can create somewhat stable trophies. This activity is also a great way to encourage logical and creative thinking in your child.

Family crafts are extremely fun, so pretty much any choice may be a success. Have fun and stay creative!