Fun Things To Do To Make Lasting Memories as a Family

While technology offers a lot of benefits, it does have a way of keeping people locked in their own little worlds without interacting with one another. You and your kids may be absorbed in your screens now, but you’ll remember very little, if any, of what you read on your phone or tablet today in another 20 years. Childhood is short, and making the most of it means putting the screens away and doing activities together as a family. What you do matters less than the fact that you just spend time together, but it is worthwhile trying to choose activities that everyone can enjoy.


Go Swimming

Just being near the water is a way of promoting serenity and positivity. If you want to be able to experience this with your family at all times, you may start asking, “How much does an inground pool cost?” But of course, there are other opportunities for swimming, such as at public pools and natural bodies of water set aside for recreational purposes. There are a lot of fun pool toys and games that you can play with your family while swimming, and just being in the water makes the experience extra special.


Take a Camping Trip

Cooking outside, gathering around a campfire, and sleeping out under the stars are unforgettable, transformative experiences that all people, young and old, should experience at least once in their lives. There is no wrong way to take a camping trip. You can buy an RV or camper, pitch a tent, rent a cabin, or just unroll sleeping bags in your own backyard. The most important thing is to get as close to nature as possible because that’s where the value of camping really lies.


Create Something Together

It is the nature of love to create, so making something new with your children is an act of love. A wide range of activities can fall into this category: Baking cookies, assembling model kits, doing arts and crafts, finding ways to repurpose objects that would otherwise be thrown away, are all examples of ways that you can create with your children. This can be an opportunity to teach your children a skill that you excel at or to develop a new skill that you and your children have always wanted to learn.

A word of caution: Please don’t assume that certain crafting activities are only appropriate for boys or girls. Everyone, regardless of gender, can benefit from learning skills such as woodworking or sewing. If your child shows an interest in an activity, that interest should be encouraged. On a related note, don’t assume that the creation has to be “useful” to have any value. If the craft or creation eventually has practical applications, so much the better, but the real value is in the process of creating it with your children.


Play in the Snow

Depending on where you live, this can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience or a seasonal tradition, but every family should play in the snow at least once. If the snow is wet, you can shape it into snowmen and other sculptures. If not, you can still make snow angels. Just taking a walk in the snowy woods can be a memorable experience, providing a unique depth of quiet and solitude.


Play Board Games

While it is important to get outside with your kids to connect with nature, not all memorable activities take place outdoors. Board games are a great way for families to build memories by staying indoors. The focus should be on having fun, which can be difficult if some members of the family are very competitive or haven’t yet learned to be good winners. In cases such as these, it can be better to choose games in which all players work together for a common goal or games with no other objective than having fun. By the way, “board games” should be understood broadly to include card games and word games such as Mad Libs.

Try to choose activities that align with your children’s interests. You can’t really force children to have fun, and if you try, the memories that you make may not be that pleasant.

Finnegan Pierce