4 Ways to Make Laundry Your Favorite Chore

Designer-Tricia-Foleys-Country-Primitive-Home-500x620For most mothers, doing the family’s laundry is not on the top of your favorites list because it’s time consuming and just plain boring. Your children’s clothes may be small but the quantity almost doubles your adult sized laundry loads, making laundry your longest and biggest chore. Here are 4 ways to make laundry an easier task on the entire family:

Laundry bags:

Remember during college or summer camp when your mother sent you away with a laundry bag? Buy each family member their own laundry bag and then place a hook in their rooms, bathrooms or in the laundry room. Each laundry day have your child bring in their laundry bag and hang them on the hook. It will keep the laundry in one place and always divided up. Once the laundry is complete, fold and return to the bag.

Laundry day:

Keeping your laundry chore limited to one day a week will help cut down on the clutter of the clothes and the constant use of the machines. Pick any day of the week that works best for you and your family. You want an evening or a day that has the least amount of interruptions to complete the task from start to finish.


Have your kids helped you with folding; this will make things go faster and is a great entrance into showing them how to eventually have them do their own laundry. Once the laundry is done, place in bins and head to the living room. Each child is to fold their own clothes and help out. Make it fun by playing their favorite music; it will go by faster for everyone!

Do it yourself:

No one said that you have to do your child’s laundry until they head off to college. Allow your child to do their own laundry when they are able to follow directions and reach the settings on the washer and dryer. Typically, 11-13 years of age is a good time to teach them how to take care of their clothing. Not only will this save you time but will teach them the basics before they head off to school on their own. Supervise the first several loads and teach them the tricks of the trade.

Just make it fun and easy on yourself by adding laundry bags and asking for help. There are plenty of laundry storage and bag options available to make laundry not your most hated chore. Happy laundry day!

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