5 Tips for Getting Into the Back to School Flow

Back to SchoolThe end of summer is fast approaching and that means only one thing: getting your kids ready to go back to school! Making sure all summer assignments are completed, buying all the correct school supplies and getting everything organized can give any parent a massive headache. Being prepared ahead of time to get back into the swing of things will help you de-stress and feel excited to take on the new school year. Plus, your children will learn from your example. Follow these five tips to prepare for the back to school transition so you can relax knowing that your children will be ready and eager to learn.


1.    Do all of your school supply shopping in advance


Put together a list of school supplies that your child will need or try to get a supply list from your child’s teacher. By getting a head start on your back to school shopping, you won’t feel anxious and rushed; you’ll be more likely to find everything you need. Don’t forget to include new school clothes, backpacks and lunch boxes on your list but save your receipts in case you need to return something later. A great way to keep school supplies organized is by storing them in ZizzyBee Bags, reusable, washable and see-through storage bags perfect for back to school. With two different sizes to choose from, you can use ZizzyBee Bags to keep items organized in backpacks, in desks or lockers, or at home for homework supplies.


2.    Give your child a bedtime schedule before school starts


Sometimes during the summer it’s difficult for kids to stick to a regular bedtime and they stay up later at night and sleep in later during the morning. When school starts again, many children have trouble adjusting to the new schedule of waking up early for school. To avoid morning crankiness, set a bedtime schedule at least one week before school starts so your children will have an easier time going to sleep and getting up earlier in the morning.


3.    Create a daily routine at home


To make sure your children are ready for the day, establish a daily routine to help them adjust. The classroom is full of routines and having routines at home will feel natural and comfortable for children easing their anxiety. Routines are great for parents too because they keep you from having to rush out the door every morning. Try creating a checklist of daily tasks including: get dressed, brush teeth, eat breakfast, grab homework, etc. Also, establish a night routine: pack lunch, lay out clothes for the next day, shower, etc.


4.    Visit school with your child


If your child is attending a new school or starting school for the first time, see if you can schedule a visit before school starts so your child can familiarize himself with the school. Your child will learn where important offices, their classroom, locker, and lunchroom are located. This will also give your child the opportunity to meet with teachers and ask any questions they may have.


5.    Clear a space for homework


Set aside a space in your house just for doing homework. Make sure the space is clean, neat and have school supplies ready to use. Having a clear, designated space will get your child in the mindset to do homework every time they are in that space. Keeping the area near the kitchen or family room will allow you to have close supervision so you can help and encourage your child to do the best work they can.


Following these tips will provide structure for you and your children to keep stress away. They will also ensure that you have a positive attitude that will influence your children’s outlook and confidence so they can perform better in school.


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