Checklist to Ensure a No-Fuss Halloween Night Trick or Treating

no-fuss trick or treatingCelebrating Halloween with little ones in tow can be tricky as toddlers can get easily tired or scared and fussy. If you have older kids to take trick or treating, being prepared can help you make sure your kids have a good time and stay safe during the outing. Dress them up in comfy and cute costumes and have this checklist ready so you can spend a fun day or night out with the kids!

1. October often means chilly weather. Make sure that your kids are dressed warmly and stay comfortable. Make sure to bring warm blankets and covers if you have a little one in tow. Whether you are driving from door to door in a car carrying the car seat in and out of the chilly weather, or pushing a stroller down the neighborhood street while trick or treating, you will want to have a blanket or even a car seat cover.

2. Bring a flashlight and/or glow sticks to light up your way. It may still be light outside when you go out but it can get dark quickly so a flashlight will be necessary for safety. You can hand your kids glow sticks as a fun and easy way to keep them entertained.

3. Go trick or treating with friends and family. The more friends you have while trick or treating, the more fun you will have, and with more adults around you will have extra sets of eyes and ears to look out for the kids.

4. Pack water. Both kids and adults will probably end up eating some of their Halloween treats on the outing so minimize the “I’m thirsty!” complaints and bring water bottles to keep everyone hydrated.

5. Bring wipes. Halloween candy and treats are sticky and can make a mess so bring some extra wipes for cleanup.

6. Eat before you go out. If your kids go out trick or treating on an empty stomach they will want to eat too much candy. Avoid any stomachaches by feeding your kids lunch or dinner before going out.

7. Wear comfy shoes. You and the kids might end up walking several blocks to get to many houses so make sure that everyone is wearing comfy shoes so you won’t have to deal with kids who are cranky because their feet hurt.

8. Avoid going to scary looking homes. If a house has Halloween decorations that would scare an adult you should avoid stopping there. Little ones who get easily scared will start crying and want to go home which will ruin the night for your older kids.

With these tips and tricks in hand, go out and have a happy and safe Halloween with your kids!

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