How 10 Things Will Change the Way You Approach Life

mom essentialsAs a mom, the best thing you can do for your baby is to be prepared all the time. This includes even emergencies. In times of trouble, you must make sure that you’ve got everything packed wherever you are. It is important to be educated on what things to prepare to face uncertainties. In this article, we will list down 10 essentials to bring that can help.

1. Stroller

If you are bringing your baby or child outdoors, it is a must to carry a stroller. This will hold all the stuff in a way that won’t cause any more mess. Consider placing the diaper bag, milk bottle, water bottle, diapers, baby clothes, towels and socks into the stroller. Find a good and durable one that you can use for years.

2. Extra Clothes

Just in case the water, milk or whatever liquid spills on you or on your baby that you quickly need to change clothes, bringing extra clothes will be a lifesaver. Wearing dry and a new set of comfortable clothes will keep you warm and clean. This will also save you the hassle of having to buy new ones while on the road or the option to go back home just to change.

3. Snacks

Packing snacks into your bag is quite important so you can feed your child as soon as he asks for food. For babies who can already be fed with solid food, consider bringing toddler food pouches or pudding. For older kids, quench their craving for food by giving them prepared meals in your bag. Snacks such as healthy sandwiches and pasta can satisfy their appetite.

4. Cash

If you think you do not have time to prepare food or quick snacks, it will be safe to bring a wallet with enough money. This is so that you can buy things you need for your child and your own. Note that some stores do not accept debit cards and credit cards as forms of payment, so it is best to come prepared with some cash.

5. Mobile Charger

As a parent, you need your mobile phones to reach out to others in times of need or just research anything through the Internet. When you’re outside the house, don’t forget to bring a handy charger for your phone. A dead phone won’t help as you cannot contact anyone if you cannot open it without power.

6. Towels

To wipe out any dirt and grease and absorb liquids, towels are the best thing to carry in your bag. As your kid plays in the playground with his friends, he will most likely be exposed to germs and be perspired. Aside from changing into new clothes, you can wipe off the perspiration with the handy towel so he would not freeze into cold air.

7. Comfortable Shoes

Let’s face it. Some moms, especially after giving birth, feel tired and just want to be sleeping on a comfortable and soft mattress all day long. Thinking about the different needs of the baby though comes top priority, and this includes running errands and going to different places to buy stuff.  When it comes to choosing the right shoes, high heels are believed to elongate the legs and make women appear taller. However, if you are the type who cannot stand long hours wearing high heels, run around and chase active kids, it will be advisable to opt for comfortable shoes instead.

8. Roomy Bag

A roomy bag does not translate to a bad-looking bag. There are many big bags nowadays that look really elegant and chic. Look for ones that have several compartments and sturdy enough to hold all your things.

9. Book

There are times when you need to wait long for your child. Whether you are inside the car or in the school’s lobby, reading a book can help to pass time without getting bored. You can choose any title and genre.

10. Water Bottle

Hydration is very important. As you maintain a busy lifestyle as a mother, don’t forget to drink water. Save time in finding a vending machine or a store where you can buy water by carrying a water bottle in your bag. Come also prepared with another water bottle for your child.


Getting caught unprepared in life is a big no-no. Mothers are the children’s superheroes, so it will be great to become proactive in thinking and determining the things you need to have. This may also include a first aid kit, a personal car kit, and other basic tools.

Guest Blog by Pria Luz

Pria Luz is an interior designer. At home, she’s a passionate homemaker, event organizer and DIY enthusiast. A proud mom to her snuggle angel and a wife to her wonderful husband.. Follow her on in Twitter @prialuz.

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