The BEST Kids Morning Smoothie EVER!

By Karen Barski, RN BSN, High Energy Mom of 5
As a busy mom of 5, I am always looking for a way to feed the kids quickly but at the same time super healthfully. Smoothies are a go-to meal every morning for our family. Stores are filled with sugary toxic breakfasts- I mean who can truly believe that Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes or sugary oatmeal can be anything more than dessert? We expect our kids to do well in school, to behave and focus, but if we feed them junk we will see the effects of that in our children. Loving our children and being parents comes with a moral responsibility to raise them healthfully and to do no harm, yet miseducation, trickery and false advertising from “big brand” food companies is making us sick, which is evident in the rising number of illness in our country. Educate yourselves, ask questions and use common sense!  If we follow the teachings of Hippocrates “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food” then we can see that every bit of food that enters our body will have either a positive healthful effect or a negative toxic effect.

About LaPea LaPau

​This smoothie was named by my son Bryce when he was 6 years old (no idea on the name!) and it’s our favorite go-to morning smoothie! It ls the best way to start the day, chock full of​ ​nourishment  to help ward off colds, flus and viruses​s and contains a full meals worth of healthy vitamins, nutrients, proteins, fiber, antioxidants​ and ​omega-3 fatty acid​s​ for a delicious and nutritious breakfast for the entire family!​ ​It is simple and delicious. I purchase all ingredients at Costco and they are all non GMO and Organic. Play around with the recipe to make it your own! You may like it thicker or lighter. Also, I freeze the power greens after a few days to make sure they last because they are purchased in a bulk bag at Costco. Cheers and enjoy!


Karen Barski, RN BSN
Karen Barski is an RN BSN of over 25 years, wife and high energy mom of 5. She is an Infant Care Specialist, Emotion Code Practitioner and Reiki IIII Master. In 2007 she created the Woombie brand and is a visionary, artist and designer focused on creating safe sleep practices, products and resources for parents and families.

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