Benefits of Hiring a Nanny

benefits-of-a-nannyA lot of parents feel overwhelmed when they bring home their first child. They have read many books and even talked to experts like their doctors, but really have no practical experience when it comes to child rearing. That is when it is helpful to have someone around that has.

When you typically think of a nanny you picture a Mary Poppins type figure and older children, however there are many types of nannies with many specialties. Some do cater to older children, some to preschoolers, and some to infants and newborns. If you are a new parent and feeling overwhelmed by the idea of caring for your infant on your own, a newborn care specialist could be just what you need. Some newborn care specialists stay with you for just the first few weeks, some stay longer. It all depends on what you agree on. But the help that these nannies provide is invaluable. They have gone through this process many times and have years of experience behind them. They can help you and your child make the transition as smoothly as possible.

Another type of nanny is one who acts as a sort of governess. They not only supervise your children, but they also educate them. This can be anything from the ABCs to Algebra. Having your child home-schooled by a nanny is not something you typically think of, but it does happen. What could be better for their education than one on one attention? Many nannies nowadays are college educated and even have degrees in childhood education and development.
But, you may think, all this is very costly. Well, it can be, but if you compare it to the cost of daycare and other childcare possibilities it is actually very affordable. Not only does your child receive one on one attention, but they are kept in the safety of your home and not exposed to the illnesses and attitudes of other children. That does not mean they are un-socialized. Many nannies form play groups and other socialization opportunities for their charges.

If price is an issue, you can also look into nanny sharing; where two or more families share the cost of a nanny and you trade out locations. There are size restrictions as far as the total number of children go, but this can be a great way to get a nanny at a price you can afford.

Nannies are more than just babysitters. They help educate your children and provide dedicated service. If you are a new parent or need great childcare, look into getting a nanny for your child.

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